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Smith, You are such a lovely lad. And your story is very emotional  :'(. Cool story bro!

Anyway, to change that all you need to do is to change:
Meetmat.spp project file with another file but keep the same name. So it can be a sphere or anything

Hi Guys, how are you these days?

This is my first post on this forum so I'm sorry if I messed up the category.

The problem that I'm having is trivial but annoying. I love to use the substance as a hobbyist, I'm not a pro. But I love to just jump in and do some shaders that I can use later.
But when I press paint Painter will create a new file with an "Astronaut muppet figure" Is there any way to change it with something that I like for eg. Sphere?

Thank you and have a lovely day

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