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Turned out my SSD was dying and the large writes from saving SP files and/or all the page file usage was causing system instability. I got a new SSD and have been using it with no problems.

I've been getting bluescreens and usually accompanying save corruption while following the lantern video series. Latest crash log is MEMORY_MANAGEMENT code 0x0000001a caused by ntoskrnl.exe+1aaaf0. I've used sfc, dskchk, and dism to repair all corrupted Windows files, increased my page file size to 32gb, and uninstalled open-shell to no avail. All of the crash logs from SP itself are exception code 0xc0000409, fault offset 0x000000000006e14e, faulting module C:\WINDOWS\System32\ucrtbase.dll.

I don't believe it's hardware related, GPU+CPU+RAM stress tests haven't caused any crashes, memtest86 found no faults, and this only happens when I've had Substance Painter open for a while during that session, but not necessarily while it's open. I once got a bluescreen while opening Blender a few minutes after SP crashed. This log file is from my most recently corrupted save.

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