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I need a node that takes as input 4 colors and a string, which contains numbers from 1 to 4. The node should replace the numbers with the input colors in columns.

So for example if the colors are red, green, blue and yellow, and the input string is "1122333334" (length = 10), then the output image should be an image that has 20% red, 20% green, 50% blue, and 10% yellow, as vertical bands, like so:

Can this be done in SD? Or any workaround?

I thought about using a pixel processor, but I can't figure out how to parse a string (get an input string's length and substrings).

I'm working on procedural textures for my master's degree, and would like to use Substance to do the texture generation. However, I need to implement a reaction-diffusion system, and I can't figure out how I could implement a loop (or if that is even possible).

Basically, I need to do run a pixel processor, then repeat the same pixel processor on the previous iteration's result.

Is this possible? Without cascading multiple nodes, I mean.

Same here.

Awesome tutorial series, Wes! Thank you very much.

+1 for this, SP is pretty bad at 4k.
The link above doesn't works btw.

Iray will indeed only be accelerated with Nvidia GPUs.
Otherwise the computation will be made on the CPU and as any other pathtracer it takes time to converge.

I thought so. I have an old GTS 450, I read that it is possible to install both AMD and NVidia cards on the same system (the NVidia card being used for CUDA only, and the AMD card for rendering), I'll give that a try.

Edit: I assume IRay uses CUDA, right?

Tools -> Preferences -> 3D View -> Hardware and Uncheck CPU option!!!
then your GPU will render the viewport really quick!

Doesn't works, the viewport just stays black.

It's in the 3d view tab, under "Renderer".

Update: slowly, veeeeeery slowly, the noise seems to be going. It looks like it would take at least an hour, possibly 2 or 3, to finish rendering. Heh, maybe I'm not used to waiting that long for an image to render.

But I'm still curious why it is not using the GPU.

First off, I watched the video and it looks impressive! Thanks for this feature.

However, it doesn't seems to be quite working here. The end result always contains some noise, as shown in the attached screenshot.

Actually, the problem seems to be that it is using the CPU, not the GPU. My GPU is idle, whereas the CPU is at 100%. Maybe if I wait several minutes or hours it will finish rendering. I have an i5 4670K, it takes about 1~2 minutes to get that render (there have been no apparent changes in the last 10 minutes, even though the CPU is at 100% load).

But wasn't this renderer supposed to use the GPU, anyway? My GPU is a Radeon R9 390.

Yes, switching to Standard mode allowed me to use the node. Thanks.

As a feedback for Allegorithmic, I found this is rather unintuitive though. I expected the node's output to be green, if it represented a material, not a common output. Or simply allow the PBR Dielectric F0 node be connected anywhere without switching modes.

I cannot connect the output of the node "PBR Dielectric F0" to anything. Output, Levels, Grayscale Conversion, Gradient Map, nothing. Is this happening to anyone else?

If we build a graph which size is "relative to parent 0x0", in the 3D view the resolution is 256x256. Is it possible to change this?

Other than going on each graph and increasing the multiplier. Which must be reset to 0x0 when publishing, this is annoying (our meshes have 3-5 materials each).

If it is possible, also consider updating the documentation here

Ah no problem then, I can wait for the GPU engine in UE4. (unless it's gonna take over 2 years)

I asked about this topic here

Substance Integrations - UE4 - GPU engine for UE4?
 on: December 18, 2014, 10:47:04 pm 

Are there any news regarding a substance GPU engine for UE4?

CPU engine is causing problems like this,3474.0.html and also I'd love to get 4k x 4k textures ;)

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