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Painter 2019.1.3

I'm performing an incremental backup of my system, and noticed that my Substance Shelf files are all dated yesterday.
Only Shelf files are affected.
All I did yesterday was open Painter to find what version I have and then close it.

Is painter 'touching' or updating the shelf just because I run it?

This isn't the first time I've found the shelf files are all different to ones in backup for no apparent reason, and it's a nuisance when I'm trying to create incremental backups.


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Brushes
 on: April 02, 2019, 11:13:34 pm 
Yes, at the bother of doing it one at a time, you could use Photoshop brushes to create alphas.

Hi Alex,

First, remember to select a shader that works with opacity.

Then use a non-fill layer and paint on it with Opacity of 0.

Hope this helps,

I got it to work by creating a RGB+A export and dragging Base Color onto both RGB and A.



You need to add an opacity channel to your material.  Opacity is just another channel like height, metal, roughness etc.

Then set the shader to one that actually displays opacity.

Then create a paint layer and with opacity turned on (just like you can turn on height or metal), paint the holes in

This video shows some of the steps (although with a fill layer instead of a paint layer)


..aaand.. I just managed to recreate the problem with a newly-created primitive object.

And as I half-suspected, it's only happening on UV edges that are at an angle to the UV axes.

Thanks for looking.  Partial object attached below.

In the image, left was done without a stencil, right was done with the stencil.

Thanks for the reply, but I'm fairly sure I already tried that.

If it were the neigbour setting, I'd think the problem would show up when I painted with no stencil, but it didn't.

It also seems to work OK when I use the Projection mode, but I really want to get it working in brush mode.


Painter 2018.3.3.

Any idea what's going wring here?
When I paint on my mesh with a simple brush, I can paint right up to the edge of the mesh.  Great.

When I use a stencil, pixels along the edge go unpainted.
I tried several different alphas.

It may be connected with this edge being the literal edge of the mesh - there's no polys round the corner.  On the edge with the tick, there are polys round the corner.


I've been painting on a plane with a dirt brush (actually painting opacity along the edge to make the edge look rough).

Trouble is, as soon as the brush goes outside the 2D UV island or 3D object, it stops painting of course.  This tends to leave the very edge of the UV island unpainted, unless I lay the paint on so thick that the interior is now overpainted.

Are there any settings that may help me to paint right up to the edge with a non-solid brush such as dirt?


Hopefully now they're owned by Adobe, Allegorithmic can port in the 3D mouse support from Photoshop.  :-)

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Google Captcha
 on: March 15, 2019, 03:32:27 pm 
But.. but.. I want to know about all these horny cougars with low standards who are within 200 metres of my current location!



Adobe Photoshop supports 3D Mouse.
Now you're part of Adobe...

Just to comment that Adobe haven't had a penny out of me since they went subscription..

I even ditched free Acrobat Reader when the installer deleted itself because I'd had the gall to rename it..

Hmm, despite the mesh appearing clean, after I kicked it a few times by deleting a vertex normal map and running mesh cleanup (which didn't report anything particularly odd), it seems to have fixed it.

So, Modo problem, apparently.  Frustrating to not know exactly what went wrong.

Thanks for looking.

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