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Assuming your color space is correct, and all your inputs, and maps, then you have to factor in that PBR heavily depends on environments which means lighting and reflection. If you're not duplicating your set up from one environment to another you will see different results.

If you don't want to work with Color id Maps (by using your High Poly to do it....) then in Painter you can add a Black Mask and just manually paint your mask in the 3D View.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Need Help
 on: July 09, 2020, 05:18:35 pm 
When I export obj from the painter, the polygons are extracted as triangles. I want to get quad polygons. Is there a way?

Meshes that are not Quads when going into Painter wont have that option when exporting out. You'll have to take your exported mesh and in whatever 3D application you have try running Tris to Quads.

Did you lose your original mesh prior to putting it into Painter?


I make retopology of very littlepart of my model and i don'tlike it bocz it's long and hard.
Can i do lowpoly retopology to paint it in subs-painter?

If you don't want to do manual retopology look for auto tools then but the quality will vary and it also depends on the geometry flow and what is involved.

How can i paint on comfortably small geometry decoration if after lowpoly retopology this decoration will be enclosed in one big polygon??

In your bake options you have a Color ID Map, so you can mask off those decorations for painting.

If you feel that you will go back and forth from modeling to texturing (which you shouldn't...) then you can add geometry away and around the main piece to increase your bounding box so in future you can change parts of the mesh but not alter your bounds.

This problem continues to happen randomly on some models. The FBX 2019 version fixes it sometimes, but now I'm with a model that is impossible to fix with any FBX version. I have tried all the ones currently in Maya. I need a solution

I've had to take meshes from Maya into Blender to fix them up. Do you get issues with OBJ or just FBX? It might be worth just exporting out your OBJ format for baking and texturing and once you have your maps you can use your FBX in Maya either way.

I'm trying to follow what you did above but I cant seem to find the options for my UV maps within Painter. Do I have to deal with these UV maps in another piece of software i.e Blender/Maya?

Correct, I used Blender for my example.

I watched Source and my Task Manager until the logout occurred and sure enough the moment it logs me out the CPU usage jumps from 1% to over 15%

I'm noticing a high CPU usages once Substance Launcher indicates I've been logged out.

Normally this is how it will look:

Once I'm logged out of the launcher for whatever reason:

My CPU usage goes up, and even re-logging in wont fix it. I have to close off the application all together.

Additional processes also appear and re-appear after ending at timed intervals.

I'm not 100% sure if it is due to login, or if it is due to the longer the application runs the worse it gets because by the time the CPU usage is that high my login has already dropped.

My CPU is: i7-4790K @ 4.00 GHz

Thanks very much for identifying the problem.

As I said I am very new to this are you able to explain how I would go about making these changes or am I best looking this up on my own?

If you have more than one UV map for you mesh Painter will only read your UV Channel[0] (this is your first slot), anything after it gets ignored.

Your first UV map isn't within your 0-1 space fully, but overstretched out. Since your lightmap is, you can just delete the first map and you'll be good to go, or scale down your uvs to fit.


You need them to be in like this:

Then in Painter it will work fine:

Or what Volker was suggesting is to just delete UVmap_0 and you'll be fine as your LightMapUV looks fine:

Then it Painter it will work:

Just remember that your first UV Channel is used by Painter, the rest is ignored. In this case your first UV channel didn't have a UV map which was correctly packed into your 0-1 space.

The best way is to remove them in something like Photoshop.

In Painter you only have the Fire Fly Filter:

Maybe try disabling Caustic Sampler, I'm not sure... I would just edit it out outside of Painter. With every path-traced renderer I've seen this happen, and different packages have ways to handle it beyond manual edits. Sometimes you can edit the lighting and such, but Painter is very limited compared to a full pacakge and I wouldn't really use it for final renders.

I'm not getting pure white or close to it on export.

(I matched your exposure settings from Painter as well as you have it above 1.0)

Painter (viewport):

VRAY (Spec Gloss):

Export Settings:

Everything looks fine on my end. Make sure you're using the correct shader...

Painting across UDIMs is still a pending feature we're waiting for. Should be soon I hope!

Can you upload your .spp file (Google, Dropbox, WeShare, ect...) so someone can take a look to confirm your exported maps are wrong.

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