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So I login to download Substance Painter 2.0 as it's been awhile since I've logged in and it's latest Substance Painter version and I watched some video's and finally wanted to try the IRay rendering on it, find that not only does the website page look different for account management, but I now have no access to Substance LIVE it says no subscription on everything, not all the downloads are available anymore, my invoice history is not complete and does not match the creation dates, I cannot access the old versions of the software anymore, not all node licenses are showing it's all set to 1, I can still login to Substance Share though, not all items are showing up in invoice list, and Steam is synced but says no items can be synced?

I open Substance Painter 1.7.3 and check for updates, it gave message that "Updates could not be checked for, Sorry..."

Also, when I sent message to support it said message received but then bounced back saying Welcome to Allegorithmic and please click this link to create a new password and account to login, really?

This has got to be a joke, this is 04/01/2016 so it is April Fools Day but all this is over the top what's the deal guys?

Having this problem as well with the January 2016 Drop, upon right clicking the download links the recognized format changes to .html files.

Here's a list of the January 2016 Drop problem links.

Fabric Polyester 01:

Fabric Polyester 02:


Switched to Google Chrome and the links worked.

I had same issue as this before, the Substance renderer uses the HDR IBL to preview, in Unreal Engine you also have that but by default it's not using the HDR IBL files the previewer render window viewport frustum is in the program that Unreal Engine is using so the 2 do not match as the HDR IBL has the lighting calculations in the image on preview so it looks as you see it in the preview window when creating it.

2 Ways I got around this were:

1. Without using the plugin, exporting the textures, and manually wiring the textures some of the textures had to have the sRGB turned off when I exported, and set texture properties in import settings properly or Normal Map green channel flipped and another map needs inverted unless you use the glossiness output which already has the proper setup even though the Material in Unreal Engine is using the BRDF Metal PBR Format, which in old version of authoring tool depends on.

I read the GameTextures information on setting up textures to determine proper configuration.

Then when it lights though it won't match the preview as you don't have the HDR IBL setup as is in the authoring program, but it will be physically correct to any new lighting conditions.

To match you'd need to use use the original HDR IBL images, or use LUT for Color Grading.

2. Unreal Engine implements the HDR IBL, but to match the original coloring of the preview window rendered from Substance (using Color Grading), you take a snap shot/screen shot of the preview window of your object, and merge a LUT Sampler Strip (you download from Unreal Engine website: in a photo editor which saves the lighting information with the proper values, then import the LUT file back into Unreal Engine with the settings turned on, and enable your HDR IBL settings with the color grading and there ya go, it should match the preview window color scheme.

Unreal Engine automatically extracts this information from the Lookup Table reading it from the LUT file because it fits the spec.

Basically what this does is implement color correction, and the LUT file basically means Lookup Table which takes the color values for comparison and gets their intensities.

This is a part of post processing.

Shows the Process - Unreal 4 Post Processing Volume Part 03 Colour Grading with LUT's:

Hope this helps goodluck!

So far they aren't loading in Unreal Engine 4.7.6 it doesn't seem like.

And the projects are pretty outdated now, the engine performance has been vastly improved compared to previous versions.

So when will Gynoid and Atlantis be updated?

Is the Rain Particle Brush not working now because I can see the physics but not the effect from the physics painting anything, there is no visible change to the surface, I tried masking, changing roughness, trying color, and checked the individual channels and it's not applying the paint.

The other particle brushes are working though.

I'm trying to make for a wet moisture look on surface like a painted wall or pipe that has been rained on outside and is partially dried, an effect like is shown in this video on the person "Substance Painter: creative use of particle brushes", so I decided to use the rain particle brush but it's not showing any results:

PSU: Coolmax ZU Series 700Watt 80 Plus Bronze/ZU-700B
Processor: AMD A8-6600K APU with Radeon HD 8570D Graphics Black Edition 3.90GHz
Memory: Ballistix Tactical Tracers LED 8GB (May be Running XMS or AMD Profile mode, don't remember.)
Motherboard: Gigabyte F2A85XM-D3H w/ Multiple UEFI BIOS, Triple Monitor HDMI, Ultra Durable 4
OS Drive: Vertex4 SSD 128GB
Primary Storage: Hitachi 500GB HDD 7200RPM
Secondary Storage: Barracuda Green 2TB 64MB Cache 5900RPM SATA3
Full Profile Video Card: Gigabyte ATI HD5770 1GB DDR5
OS: Windows 8.1 PRO 64-Bit
Monitor: 46 inch Philips LED TV FTV
Case: Chietec Silver Scorpio T1/TX-10WD Full Tower Case w/ 17 Drive Bay, Full EMI Shielding, and High CFM Fans (Think it's 14 or 16 or more years old now.)
Mouse: Logitech M215
Keyboard: Logitech K360

Ok, because the ability to add the channel is there.

In Unreal Engine, I can do the displacement from a Normal map and doing a few other things and then plugging it into the displacement channel, it's a displacement trick but it works for the smaller details so I'll use that method for now.

Thanks for the answer.

Out of those, the 3DS version is exported correctly and has 2 materials in 1 Texture Set.

Any of those programs should work including Blender, Hexagon, etc...

If the 3DS version is working for you the best at moment I'd stick with that.

Substance Painter doesn't export the mesh, it is mainly for texture painting/creation of the existing mesh you've imported and exporting the individual mesh texture channel maps.

The part before import such as the UV Mapping needs to be handled in the 3rd party modeling program before importing into Substance Painter or things might look funny or be missing when painting.

You might try asking the Cinema 4D forums or plugin forum if you're using a third party FBX plugin.

Multiple materials on object in Cinema 4D:

I don't know what version you're using of FBX Exporter, but if dialog shows like the attached image make sure the Textures and Materials option is checkmarked during export, and try the embed option as well and see if that works too.

If the FBX version of the export is old and you're still having problems but want the FBX version of the file to work with in Substance Painter, Autodesk has the free FBX Converter you can download, it goes up to FBX 2013.3:

Thank you for that helps alot, it had 2 floating licenses displayed before until now.

What you mentioned would be the modern way then and lead to less support contacts.

It did say I had 2 floating licenses and only was using 1 before though, I was afraid the update caused it to become a one time only activation like some old software or back in the Dell or early Packard Bell Windows 85/98 days, which led to multiple support calls and complaints for Microsoft and other companies.

I can actively support the software more then, flexibility is important, I know how it can be with licensing, I used to use the old method myself when developing software and everybody got mad when the activation only worked on specific hardware associated with their first enabling of the software per account and it created confusion between the testers, support, and development.

Problem is my testers worked in IT industry and in education and would routinely make test servers of varied configurations specific to isolating testbed software during initial install, testing, and usage, and I didn't know how common that was.

I later realized if people loved the software and if it was useful enough to them they'd openly support it and share with others and a bigger userbase would be created like with OpenGL, DirectX, OpenAL, ASM, C, C++, Google, Firefox, Chrome, and Blender became.

But I stopped that software development because it required more from the initial service side, everybody wanted more of it, and at the time we didn't have things such as Kickstarter and I didn't want to continue managing social networking with webcam and chat communications services and wanted to work with graphics and game development, which I'm doing today.

Tried what you said and it does this, I create new project and load mesh ten after that I can't click File/New again or close the program without forcing it closed by Ending Task in Task Manager, and there's the checkerboard icons too:

Besides the licensing problem, there's these problems as displayed in this video:

Substance Painter Thumbnail, UI Lag, and Crash on Program Close Problem.

The program crash and UI lag is probably related to the thumbnail problem which is probably what's causing it.

I notice the servers seem swamped right now as I tried several times to login and it displayed website error 404 the webpage cannot be found.

And checking for updates in Substance Painter took forever, I managed to finally download the update and after install it asks for a license (which that has not happened in a longtime.)

This time it asks for a license file and tells me to download a new license file from the website, so I try logging in and again website problems, then I manage to download the license file and it took forever, and it's only 1022 bytes in size.

I navigate to the license to select it, and the license dialog message goes away.

I click the Help/About and notice the information is different and my licensing and activation count is lowered and now maxed out, under where it says floating license the count is now listed as floating license usage 1/1 instead of 1/2.

Was saving my second activation for a second computer upgrade as I want to install it on a new future AMD build for family member and not an Intel they currently are using, or use as a backup incase a problem took place and needed to reinstall on this machine when I upgrade the processor in a year or so, but it looks like the licensing was changed in the program and is already maxed out now.

I'm starting to think maybe if I had to do something common like a hardware upgrade or replacement that the license might even be void, unlike how OS's and most software are handled now these days with their licensing as if it's using an older licensing model or something.

Bitmap 2 Material shows the "drop a bitmap here" for the normal map, however, when I do this it only brings up a menu showing options as shown in the attached picture.

I want to adjust normal map a bit further and extract the height information for painting height information, how do I load just the normal map and tweak it along with the height information/height map when the drag and drop for Normal Map is available but the menu only allows loading into the other channels such as Diffuse?

I've tried adding displacement map to test it after someone asked how to get it working, I knew about the displacement channel and now I'm testing it myself and the geometry appears flat and the displacement doesn't seem to do anything.

Is it working, if so, how do I get it working, any examples?

Yes, it's the default brush size field has a limited range when typing the numbers in, it starts at a value of 1, and the . and 0 aren't accepted for starting the numerical input.

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