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Over a year ago I suggested to Allegorithmic to start a user-driven wiki to document tools' features and best practices.

Video tutorials are good but not always the best resource to learn how to use the tools. With video it's hard to go back to a specific detail in a procedure. A wiki would also be very good to document the use of the many filters in detail. Learners often have a hard time to figure out what all the filters do and what their use is.

User-driven wiki have proved to be a very useful resource in many systems. I have submitted a suggestion to the new Allegorithmic feedback system. Please vote if you like the idea.

So, I have followed the suggestions you guys kindly provided and I am getting better results. I have blended the curvature map with an Add Sub mode and reduced the opacity as Gaetan suggested. I also tried other filters but the result wasn't what I wanted.

I have also blended the curvature map with the specular output of the dyed wood material I am using. I suppose this should be the proper approach. I have some artifacts that I need to correct in the normal map but other than that the results are pretty good. I am particularly pleased with the wood texture.

Further suggestions are welcome.

Ah! Thanks so much artzfx for the links to the right videos. I really needed that.

Interesting tips, Gaetan. Thank you, I'll try your suggestions.

Thank you, jan. I am trying to find additional details on how to use the curvature map in one of the available videos. I wish there was some written documentation on how to use this stuff.

Thank you for all the tips, guys. I really should do this more often.

@Phil, @artzfx: my intent with using a curvature map was indeed to add edge wear to a low-poly model. I also thought the curvature map helped simulating curved edges but apparently I misunderstood its use. I'll look into this. Can anyone point me to a good example of how to use a curvature map?

@artzfx: thank you for the tip on using the background connector. I have also tried to switch the blend node to add but the result was too light. And, since I seem to be using a curvature map the wrong way, I may not even need to use a Levels node. Without the curvature map the output is definitely lighter.

Any additional feedback on improving my graph is welcome.

Thank you for the tips, Walker.

I use multiply for both the AO and curvature blends. Curious about your comment that you don't blend the curvature with the diffuse. You don't because you don't need it or because it's bad practice?

I'm in the process of learning how to use Substance Designer and I am trying a texture a window with a wooden frame. The object is for Second Life, thus I can only use diffuse, normal and specular maps.

So, what I am doing is to blend AO and curvature maps with the diffuse, as you can see in the graph...

The problem is that when I blend these maps together the diffuse output is too dark. What filter can I use to make the image lighter?

Also, do you have any suggestion to improve the graph?

Ah, thank you Jeremie. I am glad you guys find my suggestion interesting. I understand the issue of time and resources. This is why users contribution is important in a project such as a wiki. It

Thank you for the support. Unfortunately Allegoritmic doesn't seem to be interested... :(

Hi! I am a Second Life user who has recently purchased Substance Designer through the Steam discount offer and I am in the process of learning how to use the tool at best. Problem is, I have a hard time understanding how to use all the filters and my experience with 3D texturing terminology and techniques is quite limited. Video tutorials helps a bit but watching all of them is time consuming and the fact that most of them are not up to date is a problem. Same problem with the forums, time consuming and disorganized information. I bet that the lack of in-depth documentation is a problem that affects many.

Here is my suggestion: how about creating a wiki open to the contribute of all users? With the wiki, people can document the use of the application for the benefit of all and add tips, tricks, best practices, etc. I'd like to point out what Linden Lab did with their wiki for Second Life users (, an invaluable resource for SL builders and scripters. For best results I suggest to let users free to organize content as they see fit (with supervision, of course) as Linden Lab did with its wiki. This would allow users to create categories for specific needs, such as covering the workflow of applications such as Unity or for Second Life users' needs.

There are a number of free, open source wiki available, so this would be a no-cost project which would offer lots of value to the user community.

Thank you, Jeremie. I did find the new version, in fact. :)


I have purchased Substance Designer Commercial 3.7 on Steam October 16, 2013. Is there a grace period to upgrade to Substance Designer 4?

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