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 :D Great to see the results of the texturing contest, my favourite was the duck which my first thoughts were that it was a padded car cover design until I read the Deftroy's description of the piece.

It will be good see more of the entries, looking forward to the runners up being presented. Unfortunately I wasn't an entrant maybe next time.


I'm content with the firm answer that our Indie subscriptions can and will be available to convert to perpetual licenses for $49 after completing the 12 month requirement. As a hobbiest, and a senior on a fixed income, I'm happy this option is still available to me.

As a hobbiest, and a senior on a fixed income too, I totally agree with this comment, also it's still early days with Adobe so let's see what the future brings there are alternatives available if things don't turn out for us hobbiests. My experience of Company takeovers it usually take 12-18months before you even notice the effect the new owners have arrived.

 :-[ Having not read all the replies to this news I can't exactly say what 100% support this decision - 1% is probably about right? I agree with most of the ones I've read and feel this is a bad decision for the customers of Allegorithmic.

Being only a recent  hobby user of the package, I feel I may not devote the time to learning Substance. I'll probably look for another option, and agree with a previous post, it's time to switch the financial support to the team for the hobby crew, and see what they can offer during the next few years.

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