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Thanks a lot! :)

Honestly, I haven't found a solution to this yet.

Hi, community.

This post is related to this one by Philip Hartmann:,21110.msg84398/highlight,coral.html#msg84398

I was wondering, how would you go about mapping a starburst texture inside the cell-like structures of this shape?

I'd appreciate any help. :)


Hi, everyone. Reynante Martinez <> here, staff and artist at

I recently encountered an issue with Painter where the exported 8K maps contained some artifacts which are non-existent when exporting on lower resolution sizes (e.g. 4K and below).

Is there a workaround or solution to this?

Attached are exported textures (scaled down for demo and upload purposes).

I'd really appreciate any help you can provide. :)

Thanks in advance.


Good day, Allegorithmic team.

I am currently using Substance Designer 6.0.3 and am interested in using the latest version 2017.1.1.

Can I use my existing SD 6 key to activate the 2017.1.1 version?


Ah, no worries. Thanks for the heads up. I'm happy to know that there's an upcoming update which will resolve the issue.

Cheers, Damien.

Hi Guys,
We are aware of this issue and we worked on a fix. This is a Qt's Bug and to bypass this, we added an option in the Preferences to disable the automatic High DPI detection.
It will be available in Designer 5.6, scheduled the November 22.

Hi there, Damien. Just wanted to follow up on this. When will the 5.6 update on Steam be available?

Cheers. :)


Thank you so much for the heads-up, Damien. :)

Hi, guys. Have you had a workaround/fix for this issue yet? It can be quite cumbersome to work on Designer with the fonts too huge. :)


Thank you so much, Fabian. I really appreciate it. :) - Reyn

Hi, everyone! This is Reynante Martinez from the Philippines.

My first post here. Yay.

Anyway, I was just wondering and would love to find a solution to this: the Normal Maps that I export from Substance Designer 5 contain an alpha channel and doesn't look as close as to what I see inside Designer.

I just started learning the app a few weeks ago and would really appreciate it if you can provide me some solutions or workarounds to this.

Thanks a lot.

- Reyn

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