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Hi, New in Forums,

I too have this Problem, and I know the Devs are looking into this,
I have read the 2 pages (as of this posting) of everyone having the 2D Brush problem as I do, so I am not alone in this.

I have done every thing I could think of from uninstalling, deleting all things related to the 2018.2.2 from AppData, to ProgramData etc.
Reinstalling 2018.2.2 and loading old projects (still had problems with 2D viewer) to doing a NEW import fresh older models that worked fine, and still 2D viewer does not work.

then Uninstalling bla bla bla.... and installing
2018.2.1 (same problem)
2018.2.0 (same problem)
I even went back as far as 2018.1.3 (same problem)

I checked my Video drivers:

NVidia GTX 1050 TI : 411.63 (updated 09/19/2018)

I reverted that back to 2018 June's Drivers & still got 2D Viewer problems.


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