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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - map export problem.
 on: October 18, 2019, 09:10:30 pm 

So I'm exporting these textures, and all of them work, except one texture set.
I dont care about it being not able to put out emissive channel, since I didnt use it. I'm exporting for arnold5 in 3dsmax.
It claims it cant open a file or open a device.
it worked perfectly well for all other texture sets but not this one.

Anyone can help?

yup, thanks man, you are a lifesaver.

huh. worked again. Oh wait, I also unchecked the import camera box the previous time. That was on by default. Default when I first loaded it up was camera box checked on and OpenGl.

well that was the change I made when comparing with your image.

ok thanks man, now it worked. So I had to change from OpenGl to DirectX from the import settings, it seems. What is the difference of openGl to directX for it?

yeah that's exactly how I wanted it...
But I get it all collapsed together.

No I didnt really change anything on it. So you get the planks, the wall pieces and the floor connections? And no, I didnt work with Udim's at all. I just kind of checked it out the last time i loaded it all because it was the one thing that mentioned different texture sets in the menu popup.

nvm didnt check the attachment system here. I gave the exported objects

can i post an OBJ file here?

how do i best share a mesh with you?

material Id's? I was used to export from maya and I figured it would be the same. I assigned materials (ai standard surfaces) for Arnold in max to the different objects and named them all differently. Material ID's really arent of use in maya, but because they came from Max I have to look at those too? I mean for material Id's then seperate from the surface shaders? I mean when I exported from maya just assigning the different surface shaders seemed to be enough to do the trick.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - No seperate texture sets?
 on: October 17, 2019, 06:56:58 pm 

I'm exporting from 3dsmax. All my objects have got seperate UV's and seperate materials assigned.
Yet in substance I'm only getting one texture set. I'm at a loss here. Kind of need help.

So I bought a yearly subscription plan under "Indie", it shows under my subscriptions but not under my licenses? Aka I cant download it? Can I have plz an answer to this?


I'm really new to using substance painter . I want to import a mesh I made from max with turbosmooth on it. I dont want to use the low poly version because it would give a wrong idea of what surfaces to paint and how to paint them.

I did a selected export and in my export menu in max(2017) it says turbosmooth export is supported, however when i load the mesh in substance painter it only shows the low poly version.

Friends are telling me that I should collapse a copy of the mesh ith the turbosmooth, but then it leaves that mesh full of holes and other uglyness I dont want and I'm afraid those will also carry over to substance painter.

anyone who has an idea how to solve this would be welcome.

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