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Okay. Thanks Nicolas. ;)

Hi there,

Thanks to the team for the new release. Just used a bit today and it's seems great.

I made a personal library including my own substances with personal icons attached with it. It did appears correctly in previous versions but it don't appear anymore since the new 2019.2.0 version. A generic icon appears instead of mine.
I know there was an improvement on the loading speed of the library but there is a way to make appear home made icons in the library like before?
I tried to re-export .sbsar but still not working.

Thanks in advance.



I maybe found a way close to what you want to achieve. Well, it is not a LUT and i don't think it's perfect but it seems to do the job in a way.
I've just divide the color by a yellow solid color and just control the power of the yellow amount by adjusting the alpha channel of the uniform color node.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: REAL Wood
 on: August 23, 2019, 04:19:42 pm 

It's kind a lot of things to cover in the creation of a wood material. Where to start?
You may look for wood materials in substance share or substance source to get a first idea of possibilities.

" Is there a way to generate a series of similar but randomized bitmaps in substance designer"
Yes totally, is one of the most useful feature of the soft. You just have to change the random parameter of the main graph.

"Any advice on how to create matching end-grain on wood textures"
You can create a grain noise graph that you can reuse as a subgraph in different wood graph.

I don't know if it answer your question...


In the Text node option you can try to reduce the width under the Stretch section.


Congrats for your first one ! It seems quite simple for a wood floor but you'll get better continuing practicing.

Here are some basic advice to start get it better :
-Try to get color variations between each planks (a quick search like "living room wood floor" on google image may help to see what i mean)
-Also a bit of color variation in each plank itself may be good.
-If you are using flood fill node you may use some flood fill random grayscale just a bit to break a little the heightmap.
-i don't know if you want some super clean surface or if you are triyng to achieve photorealism. It may be good to think the floor not as just wood but also what's coming with it like some dust on the surface or scratches.

This tutorial may help you to get better for detailing a wood material:

It inspire me when i was doing some wood floors material myself here:,27775.msg108602.html#msg108602

Hope it helps!

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Re: Wood surface
 on: February 11, 2019, 02:31:25 pm 
I've just made an other render without bevel for a more realistic look. The two are different but a like both.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Wood surface
 on: February 09, 2019, 09:48:17 pm 

I've just finish a wood surface material.
More pictures and better quality on my Artstation page :

A master parameter can change the oldness of the wood and some other allows me to change more specific things like the wood veins direction or the knots size and numbers.
The challenging part of this substance was to make the veins with multiple directions on different tiles.

Hi there,

I have a question about the new transform tool on "how move an entire folder" that i already ask on youtube here :

i thought it was better getting helps here instead of flood the youtube comments.
Here is where the conversation gets so far:

-me: Thanks for the add, it helps a lot ! Is there a way to move te same way a paint effect or an entire folder ? It seems the transform filter doesn't have this manipulator functionality. I hope it will be implement in a future update.

Currently the transform manipulator is only on Fill Layers. We have a Fill Effect and it also has the manipulator functionality. To transform and entire group, you could add a fill layer above the layer group, set all channels to pass through on the fill. This will allow you to transform all data beneath the fill layer using the transform.

I tried this solution but didn't be able to achieve it. I probably missing something...

What i am doing is:
1 create a fill layer above the folder > everything is getting white.
2 i set all the channels of the Fill layer to Passtrough (Pthr) > nothing change everything stills white
>i can't see anything and moving the transform tool don't seems to move anything. Can i have a little bit more help on these please.

Note that i have a lot of masks.

Thanks CptQuark,

Yeah i wish i could have that in a kind of a "preset parameters" in the main graph settings, kind of a drop down list and just choose the preset i want independently on my two chocolate material and be able to expose that too. Now i have to much parameters to deal with :D
I am totally out of the competition but i will try to post some render here later.

Thanks again for your well explained answers!

Thanks for the reply CptQwark
I indeed did that to expose the presets of my chocolate material. What i wanted to do is to expose this presets as a parameters inside an other graph. Sorry if i didn't explain it well.

Hi everyone,

I was wondering, is it possible to expose presets of a substance inside a substance ?

Just to explain, i have a chocolate substance material with a lot of parameters that i record in presets to quickly change the aspect of the material. So far so good.
Then i create a master substance that contain two chocolate substances and i am blending them to get the aspect of the reference witch have two different chocolate surfaces. What i would like to do is to expose each chocolate substance preset in a drop down list just to allow the user to change it thru the master material exposed parameters.. Is it possible ?

I hope my explanation is understandable... :)

Thanks in advance.

Wow really nice work indeed! It seems fun to play with.

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since i did enter a contest. I had some time this week end to start.
I chose the architectural-chocolate :

I got the different shapes so far and created a lot of parameters to tweak.

Still a lot to do :)

Nice job Romain !
The color and the mood is close.
If i may, i think tiles are to strait. on the reference picture we can see that the interstice between the wood blocks are really tiny at some place.
If you look carefully all the blocks are not so square, try to warp them a bit, and adding a little bit off random rotation should be nice too.
Also the corner of the block are too sharp, maybe the overall shape of the block is too flat. Those blocks should be roundly smoothed at some parts (just a little bit)
good work so far ;)

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