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Thanks Nate for addressing this issue.
Last year I worked on a hackintosh and not being able to work with substance painter. Now that I've updated to a Mac Pro 5.1 with Nvidia web driver It's sad to discover there's still an issue. Would love to add substance to my workflow...

Thanks, Jeremie.
I'm indeed working on a hackintosh.
Any idea if my system will be able to work with Painter in the near future?
Is there a workaround?

@Tamer - sculpt + UV in zbrush (_low/_high) trying to bake maps in painter.

attached >

Hi, I'm trying out painter by importing a low res mesh and bake some textures using a high poly mesh. For some reason the UV's are constantly meshed up..
Anybody got an idea what's going on here? Help would be very helpful!

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