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This was resolved and it works fine for intel now :)

Just letting anyone who is wondering know that this was resolved, works fine on surface pro 4 with no dedi GPU

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Scripting - Re: Scripting API
 on: May 16, 2018, 11:55:26 am 
Thankyou, will there be some online documentation at some point? Its nice to be able to study without having the program to hand such as on the train on way to and from work.

Resolved itself although not sure what we did!

This resolved itself just so you know

Any update on this?

Still getting this, exporting any fbx plug-in version from maya 2018 does this. Currently we cannot work on any models because the normal maps are not being baked due to this.

When exporting from maya 2018.1 we are getting this error, claiming that some of the normals are null. The model is fine and it only seems to be painter that has an issue with it. This is causing the normal map to bake completely flat.

Can anyone else help us?

I saw a thread that was a while back claiming similar issues that were fixed and then unfixed, it seems they have become unfixed again?

It says:

"[Scene 3D] [FBX] : Mesh normals are invalid (some values are null) and will be recomputed"

Also log export is just not exporting. The dialog disappears and no log is exported no matter what destination I select.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Scripting - Scripting API
 on: April 11, 2018, 05:46:35 pm 
We would love to start writing plugins as one of us is a software engineer with a background in tools development, is there an API reference?

So question, I have an HP Spectre x360 13", latest version, quad core i7, 16 gb of ram. I ran Substance Painter before, all good. All of a sudden 2018 won't open. Are you saying that it now must have a dedicated GPU even though it ran just fine before?

No one has officially said they won’t be supported outright, although naturally expect less than optimal performance on an integrated gpu. Let’s all hang tight and post specs for now so they have something to work with. If the specs are within the officially supported ones then it’s probably a bug, otherwise it’s time for an upgrade (the previous versions of substance will still be available from your account, we are running 2017 on our laptops for now and 2018 on our desktop).

Yeah I wish I had known that intel gpu support would go before buying a Microsoft surface. My i7 16gb ram top of the line surface pro 4 has had no problems running painter ever and suddenly it’s completely locked off. I would like to at least have the option of seeing for myself  how crap it runs rather than it just shutting itself down. I’m also not about to fork out on a set of 2 new laptops to resolve this when there was not any warning about this, problem is we subscribe to substance indie so without being able to keep up with updates it becomes not as value for money.

I really don’t care about “official” support, give me a disclaimer ridden experimental support and that will do. I just want to see what the hardware can actually do rather than you making assumptions, because it runs maya 2018 fine under VERY heaavy circumstances and any adobe cc app and unity and unreal 4 so I’m keen to at least try it.

Same here, 2017.4 works fine :(

Same, i never get the actual ms underneath and its annoying.

I doubt they will tell you as this would let you or others reverse engineer substance designer.

Tweak the roughness and metallic channels?

You want something that is more rough and very low in metallic, so it doesnt produce a "gloss" specular reflection.

...but what is it your actually asking?

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