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I'm using Unity 2018.3.3f1 on OSX
The plugin is the latest one on the asset store.
Unfortunately I don't have a version of the project before this happened so no I can't send you one.

@felipefonte99 Are you on a mac?

Does anybody here know if it's possible to undo the changes Substance is making to these files? I upgraded Substance the other day and now I can't open any of my prefabs or scene files.

I'm having the exact same issue. I can't open any scenes and none of my prefabs will load.

Okay I've just sent out a form. Thanks :)

Hi there. Just launched Substance Painter today to do some work, and I'm getting a message telling me that my license file is too old, and that I should download a new one from the website. I select "Activate using your account", but it tells me that my license isn't valid for this version. Is this a bug? What's going on?

It started working suddenly. No idea why it didn't work before or what's different now. It could possibly be because I have international language (japanese) input enabled?

Not a big issue to me, but if you guys didn't already know, the backspace hotkey to delete doesn't work in any of the Substance applications on OSX.

Reinstall didn't work.

Log attached. I'll try a re-install. Any plans to add a 'refresh thumbnail' feature in the future would be great!

So, I interrupted the thumbnail generation process by moving the location of the files on my HD, and as a result, half of the materials now have blank, white thumbnails. Is there a way to resolve this? I'm on OSX.

1) Close Substance Painter, if running.
2) Navigate to "/*username*/Library/Application Support/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/". 'Library' is a hidden folder and you will need to have show hidden files enabled. I'm not sure what the PC equivalent is for this.
3) Delete the "previews" folder.
4) Restart Substance Painter and allow the thumbnail database to rebuild.

Will I be able to get this fix with an Indie License? I purchased Substance last night and was quite disappointed to find that I couldn't run Designer this morning.

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