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We are into the new year almost at the end of the month any news is better than dead air...i know your merger/acquisition by adobe has taken away from this communication but it is important to keep your users and fans informed and with the negative feedback from this change maybe now would be a good time for Alchemist to change the texturing game...we all want it and need it!

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 on: December 15, 2017, 04:46:23 pm 
Is there a way to merge masks into one mask...
you have a fill layer with a dirt mask in a folder with another dirt mask ...and i want to combined them into one mask for another fill, any ideas?

Well i would think that it would be a great addition to the substance painter workflow to be able to check your maps prior to exporting them.

So in map view(c on your keyboard) is there a way to change transparent checkerboard size and or color?

If not that would be a great feature to add for checking maps

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