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Like ones telling me  something is missed  at loading   for  all those nodes  that are not actually  in use in my current substance? 
 I mean when your graph have noting red , not a single ghost node  but every time you  are loading the  sbs   you still have to   answer "no" gazilion times   because somewhere deep in sub-graphs some unused part of unused sub-graph  still has a link to some old drive that had been bricked years ago and you couldn't even find it with dependency manager   

I would just love to see sbsr working as filters in Photoshop. Same the do in SPainter

Lots of cool new additions lately  but still very core of the soft is monstrously inconvenient IMO and we have to spend forever for adapting it for more or less smooth everyday use.

1.Transform gizmo  have to be scaled around this tiny circle used for rotation. Photoshop, affinity and every image soft have it.  And it should remember scale percentage of initial size.

2. To share same parameters within different nodes we shouldn't have to waste our time with 'exposing"   Should be just one click  "clone' or "instance to"  until we absolutely want it present in exposed.

3.  Svg and bitmap nodes should be usable. For god sake  why it couldn't share SPainter brush engine or something from other Adobe products.

4. The whole interface should work fine with Wacom pen.     Please look at Blender nodes where nodes connects automatically and something like stroke+ pen right button erase a link,    Shift+right button stroke makes a dot node     or ShiftD + drag makes a node copy.       You did the dot node ( my favorite feature) but please copy the rest too.

 Also please take a look at Blenders  'node wrangler" .    This is what convenient hotkey based node workflow should look like.       And finally  do " bypass"  button  at least.
Why in Blender it's perfectly ok and in SD it's a huge unsolvable problem.

5.  Gradients library  Photoshop style please.  I miss it so much.

6.   Please add an option to edit sub-graphs locally  without changing anything in outside sbs  files  and the file itself keeping a snapshot of any outside resources ( Photoshop style) in case some resources are missing.     It's the most annoying part of SD  .I mean searching  for missing resources I have no idea why it miss them, what they are and where the hell could I find them.  Dependency manager  dosen't help at a slightest bit.       

What's an easiest way to do so?      I have a number of  low poly objects sharing same already done texture and want to make few of  them having it's own UV space for unique details.         I mean not just combining  the final textures but rather getting  position, curvature etc to bring back and  re-paint  in SPainter.

Simplest way I found is baking from one UV channel to another in Blender.    Does it perfectly ok  for normal maps, not perfect but still ok for AO with some trick .

How could  I do so with "position from mesh" with actual hi res mesh existing only for first/original  instanced object ?  Considering instanced copies have random transforms?  Is it possible at all?

From my experience SD materials are not really scalable.   The way to scale  is rendering several variations and mix them together

I asked for something like that for years,   Then just gave up.   

SD way for that is "exposing" transform parameters of several transform 2d  nodes
   Honestly I would also prefer simple instancing  like many other soft do.
Never understood why couldn't it be that simple instead of this exposing pain in the ....

I only tried it for a day or two then just shrugged so my opinion is  not very deep based

More user friendly than Designer , nope 
more limiting and restricting , yes
a la photoshop ? , not in a slightest bit
In my perception it's a new issue of "bitmap to material"

And do it by demand  up to selected node only ?     It takes forever sometimes and the hole PC is in hang made

A road texture, a wall texture, an architectural module.  Any environment texture basically since 1x2 form factor usually better suites repeating nature of things.    We use square textures only for unique unwraps.

Thank you very much, It really works that way

Thanks, It's what I thought too  but the node doesn't allow to offset  smoothly and precisely . It's just impossible to crop  to certain pixel you need.  It doesn't response to anything beyond first two digits after dot.  Do you know any work around for this?

I tried crop node  and non square transform and couldn't figure it out.

Is there any simple way I am missing?    Tired of doing it in Photoshop all the time

I mean It's cool and flexible but at the same time so harsh for a novice and so amazingly unforgiving for even a slightest omission.  So full of hidden riffs.

 Just a few things:
Could we  have primary input as height  in material nodes .  Keeping it in invisible ( diffuse) is making so much mess with size flow.

Having ambient occlusion black when it's on in mat nodes by default  while nothing is connected makes sometimes extra puzzles too.   Same with other channels .   Could we have global settings for default values?     Or better some clever nodes that would guess it on its own

 If you forgot to switch certain channel on in a next material node it's instantly lost without any indication at all.   Clearly we could  have some error sign at least instead of wasting time to figure out at what branch you have  missed the channel.

Material transform  sometimes drop mip level for some uncertain reason and I had to waste hours trying to figure out why I have so so textures before accustomed to set it manually evrywhere.

Svg node somehow doesn't updates interactively, I have to click and drag color slider to have this happened.
Otherwise I couldn't figure out what;s wrong with my whole node tree.   It's beside of the fact how terribly inconvenient it is .   Wish we would have some quick button "edit in outside apllication"

And my favorite issue :  Once you have a SSD crush , moved your backup somewhere or did anything stupid  like deleting  a folder your are done with SD. It never forgives you and never give you even a slightest hint what those ghost nodes were, never try to read other versions of same nodes  you saved in some other archives , gives you no explanation in dependency manager.

Surely all this could be fixed with some ideas borrowed from Blender   or just "if"  kind of codding, no AI necessary.

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