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And whats the ETA for the Modo 13 Plugin version?

Hello Vincent, at first thank you very much for your explanations, they are more than welcome!
All that questions and issues with licences, may they be perpetual or subscription, are imo discussed for the moment and will be further clarified the next weeks, I have no doubts.

But one significant question remains for me: Why Allegorithic has choosen Adobe? I simply can't believe, that your whole team didn't made bad experiences with Adobe the last 20 years?
80% of the customers here seem to be disappointed by Adobe's products and their way to make business - and your customers are not alone with this, nearly all colleagues I met in agencies and studios for many years now shared this negative emotions regarding Adobe.

So lack of innovation and ruthless, exploitative customer relationship are extreme negative conotations Adobe is associated with since a long time. I think that is the aspect making many people so upset and distressed. From many potential investors worldwide and in europe you have choosen exactly Adobe, as if you Allego-guys live in another world, as if your perception of this company is fundamental different to the public opinion?
Furthermore I know many guys in our business, who were enthusiastic and proud, that the best technology in these years comes from a european, a french company! And before you even reach your full potential, you sell this whole promising technology to a notorious shareholder-driven machinery in the United States?

Well, hard to comprehend and therefore so sad for many here. For me (and probably some others) these thoughts and emotions are NOT meant as accusation versus Allegorithmic, it's more like a inner disappointment, the sad feeling that something goes wrong with big business and the way, how people are utilized there.
Over the last years Allegorithmic has taken well-deserved the role of the 'good guys' in the hearts of many users and just this positive emotional involvement explains the full bandwith of reactions we all see right now. No one wants to see his good guys threatened by the evil empire without happyend - the rebels or (a more european imagination) the small village of Gauls, Astérix le Gaulois, they must never lose the game in the end. We all believe in that.     

was Algorithmic not successful enough (and thus making enough money) to not really need being acquired? How much greed is needed before enough is enough?

Plenty of factors go into such a decision. It's not only a matter of revenue, we have been profitable for a few years already, but a structure like Adobe brings us plenty of resources that are hard to scale for a small company: human resources, hiring great talents, offices to house these new hires, weight in face of giants like hardware manufacturers, and many other things that would simply be extremely hard to manage by ourselves.

It also provides funding to explore many other areas we couldn't afford to before due to all the aforementioned limitations.
With all respect for business decisions of founders, but declare "funding to explore many other areas we couldn't afford to before" as one reason for the buyout seems a bit indelicate for me as a customer. Maybe Adobe is funding indeed some kind of 'allegorithmic Sandbox' over one or two financial years as a assisted living playground for the awesome engineers of former allegorithmic.

But Adobe won't fund any kind of Sandbox from their own cash roll - this investment will be more likely priced a position in the quarterly minimum yields of the new acquisition. Add shareholders return and we easily reach a reasonable monthly price range between 200% and 450% of the former prices.
So it's not easy for prior allegorithmic customers to recognize any advantage of this familyreunion even though it might provide funding for some lab explorations.


A former loyal customers first thought...

Nooooooo! Please no.

C'est une catastrophe  :( :( :( :(
Adobe is for me as designer the by far most hated company with clunky, oversized software since 25 years now. Several generations of photographers and designers were forced to use the legendary 'Creative Suite' due to the monopoly position of Photoshop.
And things around this software suite didn't develop well, the product just got more bloated and fiddled deeper in Win and Mac OS with every new generation - while some big steps were made in monetization and forced customer loyality via inflexible subscriptions.

All of this Adobe horror just didn't happen so far with that awesome allegorithmic tools from you! Superb software, good support and fair customer relationships is what we loved in the last years with allegorithmic!
Now things have changed and I expect only the worst from this new business 'family'. But why for heavens sake a healthy company would put his salvation in the hands of superlarge companies who only care for shareholders value, like it happens every week somewhere? I've no answer at all, so I'm just a bit sad in face of the presumably upcoming erosion and dissapearance of allegorithmic culture, product philosophy, team spirit and excellent technology.

Thats an unexpected shock right now, anyway I wish all the best for the great Allegorithmic team and some legendary Peter Jackson moments!

Hei Wes, nice tutorial so far.
But I really can't bake (with both the old and the new High_vertexcolor) a correct colormap. There are no veins and no transparency in my bakings, see the screenshot. I hope you can clarify whats the right way to get the same colormap you use in the tutorial.
Thanks  :)

I've followed the 'Bitmap2Material3 for Unity5'-Tutorial, making a new material with the Bitmap2Material_3.sbsar inside Unity5 (V5.0.0.f4). That worked good so far, my material is pretty on a cube in the scene, but -
how to save this material, how to create several materials inside unity for my scene?

The outdated documentation doesn't even mention this aspect, the good tutorials on youtube skip this question as well, so far I've seen. Now I've tried to copy and rename just the .sbsar inside the assets, the resulting .sbsar seems damaged. I've tried to export and save the created output textures at least - but no 'export as bitmap'-function like in the standalone seems to be there.

So I'm wondering what the correct workflow inside Unity may be?
How to manage and save different substances created with B2M3?
And generally inside Unity5, is the recommended workflow using a couple of substances or a couple of unity materials using standard PBR-Shader with exported bitmaps from B2M3?
I'm little confused now and some hints and explanations are more than welcome.


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