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Thank you!
Yeah, lots and lots of paint layers stacked together to draw/clean/refine/add new details etc :)

Thanks a lot, and good luck everyone! There's some fantastic stuff posted here!

Thank you!
It's rendered in Iray directly in Substance Painter, using some post processing filters and panorama (I think) environment.
Edit: Oh and I forgot: the caustic filter is enabled

Final update: I won't have much time to work on my project again this week, so I've decided to call it finished and proceeded to do some renders :)
Here's the sketchfab link:
and here are some iray renders of the final version of my car :)

Thanks and good luck everyone!!

Thank you!

Update on my progress:
I spent some a lot of time cleaning my drawings and tweaking values.
Then I tried something: add a new empty layer with a different roughness value than the rest of the car, and then painting on a mask to reveal more shapes and details, depending of the lightning.

First I tried this method on the hood. I was thinking of adding cracks/caustics and some more organic/vegetal shapes... here's the drawing of the mask:

Then I refined it

Some tests (iray renders)

It looks cool IMO, so I also tested this in Sketchfab:

So far so I've decided to do the same "trick" on the side of the car :)

And the result in Iray:

And finally in Sketchfab:

I'm pretty happy with how it looks, and how these shapes "reveal" themselves depending of the lightning and the camera angle, adding some "depth" to the overall texture.
Thanks for reading :)

Thanks :)
Small update: adding some more details to the back of the car

I'll refine it later. I'm trying to find the right balance between adding details/"personality" to the car, and not going overboard by adding to much "visual noise"

Thanks everyone!
Progress update:
I've cleaned/modified a bit the "low poly" effect on the back of the car, then I added some more detail to the top
Like for the substance and X-Taon logos, I've used an alpha made in Photoshop to create the allegorithmic logo. Everything else is handpainted.


Iray renders @ 150-300 samples

I think that it's now "feature complete". Next I'm going to add some little details here and there, clean some areas etc...

Progress update:
I'm toying with the idea of having some kind of "low poly" effect on some parts of the car...So I've painted this.
It need refining, it's just a test

Hi everyone!
First of all thanks for this cool contest!
Here's a work in progress of my progression so far

My inspiration/references here are the works of Alphonse Mucha (art déco) and medieval embroderies. I'm trying to create something organic with lots of curves.
I'll also draw later some "secondary shapes" to create some contrast.

Everything (except the logos) is it'll take some time, I hope that I'll be able to finish!
Thanks again

Hi, concerning the iray renders (the ones using the 3/4 front and back cameras): can we use some of the post effects settings from the display options? (like tone mapping etc), or should these renders stay "neutral"?

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