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Odd must be a filter on my work computer

Substance Integrations - Autodesk 3ds Max - Re: 3ds max crash
 on: February 12, 2019, 12:27:26 pm 
This might be a 3ds max issue. Try hiding the object you are applying the material to in the viewport > select it in the scene explorer (while still hidden) > click assign material to selected> unhide the object.

 I don't know what caused it to start on my end, my best guess is a windows 10 update broke something again.

The documentation part of the site has not been available for at least a week, not sure what's going on here.

I hope these values were included in the acquisition contract as they are on your "About Us" part of your web page. Adobe doesn't uphold these qualities.

I find it hard to believe, under their thumb, you will be able to maintain these to the extent you would hope to.

I really hope everyone including myself is wrong. Adobe's level of innovation is a shiny new tool to make the amateur life easier not the professional artist. They try and automate everything into easy buttons. I find myself bound in photoshop at the mercy of their tools knowing what my end goal is; if the tool can't figure it out then I'm still doing touch ups and patches by hand.

I thought they were on the right track in 2014 with After Effects multi processing. Then SURPRISE the feature was removed not even available as an experimental option. It's been almost half a decade and I still see forum posts of people using AE 2014 because it processes so much faster. This is NOT innovation in any sense of the word.

I wanted to post after hearing the news. I took the day to digest the information and find some clarity or hope, but from everything I've read and the vagueness in replies to the cries of your users. I am also losing faith and looking for alternatives, in the fear that Allegorithmic and it's tools will be engulfed in Adobe's shadow, left to rot in the history of wikipedia.

Again Please prove me wrong give us some shred of official proof that the substance software packages (even if on CC) will remain independent software packages and not just rolled into the craptastic Dimension.

So while everything substance is on my C drive, the 3ds max Project folder is set to a path on my companies network. Instead of substance writing its Cache to my C drive it's writing it to the network which is taking 10x longer.

No idea if there is a way to separate the SD Integration Cache path to my local and still have the project folder on the network.

3ds Max 2018 sp4
V-Ray Next, Update 1

When using a Substance2 Map as soon as I try and load any .sbsar file max becomes unresponsive and I have to force close.

If I use the Substance map I can load the defaults that ship with 3ds max, but Substance2 Map crashes with those as well.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the integration plugin - Tried the substance plugin settings as CPU and GPU with the same result.

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