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Move or allow user to customize.
Wrists Are Matters. Save Substancers' wrists for world.

Unifying UX will be helpful for who are using both SD and SA.


To describe more clearly, I attached screenshots.

In the thread that you give me, you tells about relative export path.
Just same as that one, plz allow users to use relative import path too.

Try use negative value for Distance, and set Corner type to Round

Tested on SD 10.1.2

Bit format of your Grayscale Conversion node needs be set to 16bit or higher.

As far as I know, Substance Designer does not support relative path right now.
If it does, I really want to know how to.

the relative path should be based on...
1. aliases
2. current .SBS file

You can use substance player if you want.
If your graph is using $time value in somewhere of graph, you can use animated texture export.

You have 4 options for format.
8 bit
16 bit
HDR low precision (16 bit)
HDR high precision (32 bit)

so, if the height map value is in [0, 1], you have 3 options for format.

you need to find where height image format is changed to 8 bit. If height map format is low, normal map gets noise.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: MaterialX
 on: April 10, 2020, 03:39:44 pm 
Same here.
I installed MaterialX successfully, but can't make a step for further works.
AND tutorials for MDL in substance academy are too old to apply current SD.

Even docs for MDL or MaterialX are not enough to do something with it.

I got a huge, terrible problem when I published my new assets.
1. I can't see my node in my library. 'Show In Library' option is set to 'yes'

2. Some of exposed parameter is gone. Gone parameters are related to the output size, and format.

3. Some of usage setting of every value input, output is gone. so I can't use material mode with published .SBSAR nodes. I couldn't find a rule for this problem. No image input usage is lost. Value input may have some problem.

4. My published assets does not inherit output size and format from input in compression mode 'Auto' and 'Best'. But it inherit when the mode is set to 'None'. Except only one node. Keep describing in 5. Of course,  .SBS file does not have any problem like these.

5. Fx-map related parameters are gone.

So... What is the problem with this? I can't even figure it a bit.

Sometimes I really like to make some assets which react with pressure.

If thumbnail mode is not set to all, fxmap works weird.
A node contains fxmap in its inside works weird when thumbnail mode is not set to all and one of the parent node is modified.

Oh. You are the best. Long live.

I need to calculate the length of the archimedes line. Therefore, I need to use natural logarithm.
But I cant find the function.

Is there any way to use the function?

As title says, the link for release notes is going to 404.

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