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so I know there is a bug with the thumbnails but when I make a material in the designer and added it to my self the preset material setting are off for example color tab is off and it show in the thumbnail my colorless material. I don't know if its a bug or I'm doing something wrong in the designer when i export the materials out here are some pictures.
here i have my curse over my material and its not showing the colors 

right now I'm reorganizing my shelf thats why its empty but its off putting when i have my materials all on my shelf and some of them are just white and not showing there colors. can someone help me here

when i open up painter or designer it says no valid licenses when i try to sign in and you guys already took my money

If you look at that yellow line i used the same brush size and it turned out like thaat in the pictures

So I used the same Material on two some what same 3d models but the material doesn't line up in blender and in unreal 4

Vincent I just need to remember the how the materials look and turn on all of the maps but they still work.

Kiera Thats the thing that was my first import.

So in the first picture i just uploaded the  Material and its black

Here in the secound picture I'm showing you properties of the material and you can see that the color, height rough metal and normal maps are all off

This last picture it just shows them all on

every import material are always black and need to turn on color, height, rough, metal and normal maps to get them to work

Imported Materials not showing up properly in the shelf tab the preview picture is a black ball and when ever i use the material I always need to set up the properties for example Turning on  color height rough metal and normal maps

I just fixed my own problem, I had to uncheck "Create a texture set per UDIM tile" when starting a new project

An update I found out that it works in substance painter one but not substance painter 2 but still need help

I'm New to 3D modeling and Substance Painter. In Blender I created a simple Fence and the fence has Materials already assigned to each part to the fence and I already uv unwrapped it

when I import it into Substance Painter, I only have one Texture set List and its not correctly named

I'm going to leave a download link to my 3d modal fbx file so maybe someone can help me on what im doing wrong

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