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Normal maps don't work on the Nintendo Switch platform - in editor and on device. The appearance of materials with normal maps is that they come out very dark (practically black).

Probably related to the normal map compression type, which has issues in the terrain shader and on certain other mobile platforms. This is probably why I can get them to appear appear correctly by turning compression off (setting to RAW) - which if you know about how much memory the Switch has, is not an option.

Hey @boudini ,

We don't officially support building for the Nintendo Switch at this time. Unity uses DXTnm for its normal map compression, and we don't have the ability to use that in our current plugin (as we previously did with the integrated plugin) so we have to use different compression. This is also why they don't work in terrains. Sorry for the inconvenience.  :(

Hi, I have a few questions about this Unity plugin.

- How can I just export the images from substance? I remember an older version of this plugin (it was integrated into Unity) can export all maps as png images. But I can't find this feature in the new addon.

- Is it possible to change the map outputs? For example, by default, my .sbsar file in Unity have 2 maps, Metallic/Smoothness, and Height. I want to create one map combining these two, Metallic (R), Smoothness (G). Height (B) is it possible to do with Unity addon or I need to open the substance in Substance Designer?

Hey @mooha ,

The functionality for exporting texture maps from inside Unity is not currently in the plugin. We have a ticket in for adding this.

Also, currently you are not able to set individual RGB channels directly in the Unity plugin. You would have to do this in Designer. We are looking to add this functionality into the plugin as well.



I have a question about performance in Unity through SP:

I attach a photo of the same Cracked substance from Substance Source in Unity Quads with 3 different sizes just for testing: 1x1m, 5x5m, 10x10m. The three Quads have a Resolution of 256, as specified in the Target Settings specifications.

Obviously the smallest 1x1 meters has the best resolution because it is the same texture spread in a smaller Quad, but I have the problem of having to use thousands and thousands of Quads to fill the floor the level withouth loosing quality.

So taking into account that my game has to run in mobile devices...My question is as follow: what setting do you recommend me using (size of texture and size of quads) to fill a level floor keeping the texture quality and a good performance?

I hope you can help,



*Please keep this awesome Allegorithmic team despite you have a new owner

@Rafartist ,

I would say that this depends on multiple factors:

- personal preference (and look of the game)
- what devices you are targeting (and how powerful they are)
- if these Substances are static, or they change at runtime

This would be your personal preference. You could create multiple scenes with the quads + Substances attached and test the performance yourself. Obviously, the lower the texture resolution, the better the performance. But this would be on the Unity side, if they are not dynamically updated Substances (i.e. changing the parameters at runtime).


I was trying to do the first tutorial on the official Youtube channel, everything was fine until I encounter a small issue.
When I import the asset in my scene (in High Definition Render pipeline), the Material is pink. Same with an asset dowloaded on the officiel website.

So, I don't really know what to do to fix that ahah

Thank's for the help !

EDIT : I try to import the same assets in a standard 3D scene and it was working. So I guess the problem is my scene in High Definition Render Pipeline ? Is Substance Designer not working with HDR ?

Hey @MrBlackBaba ,

There's a video guide here to set up HDRP materials in Unity: . It is a little different at the moment for HDRP, as the plugin does not natively support it out of the box currently. It requires some work in Substance Designer, packing maps in certain channels for the HDRP shader.

There is also the documentation here, if you wanted a text guide:

Hope that helps you get started :)


I update my project to Unity 2018 and imported the substance plugin on the Unity Asset Store.

And then my unity project gets an error:

Failed to load '/Users/macintosh/Unity/KiattoUnity2018/Assets/Scenes/World2/World2Level5.unity' because it was serialized with a newer version of Unity. (Has a higher SerializedFile version)

I am using Unity 2018.3.4f1. Please any help?

@felipefonte99 @Fraser Hill ,

How are you reproducing this issue? I followed the steps in the above post and it works fine on our end. I need some information if possible:

- What Unity version are you updating from?
- What plugin version are you using?
- Would you be able to send an example project where I can reproduce this?

I deleted the Allegorithmic folder and downloaded again the latest version and now it works! The installation might have been corrupted... despite I was always using the latest version: 2.2.1.

Just for my information, is there any particular folder in the Unity structure that I should clean of temporary data in case the installation doesn't come clean (after deleting the Allegorithmic folder and before downloading it again)?

I'm glad to hear you got it working! :) The /Assets/Allegorithmic folder should be the only thing you need to delete (it encapsulates all of the files it needs for the plugin itself). This should be done only when Unity is closed, as to avoid crashes and errors.

I have no specific error related to Substance in the console. If I hit "Play" all else works. But since I can't put it on a gameobject, it just stays in the assets folder so it is not generating errors, but at the same time it can't be used.

I should precise that my builds are set for Android, if that matters...

As you said, double click opens the file from Unity. But I can't even do that with the .sbsar., contrary to a normal .jpeg texture, for example, which opens fine...

Here's my Assets Folder hierarchy:

Edit: when I remove the .sbsar and put it back in the project, I do get the following message from the Unity console:
Code: [Select]
"Built-in support for Substance Designer materials has been removed from Unity. To continue using Substance Designer, you will need to install Allegorithmic's external importer from the Asset Store."
Which is strange because I already have it downloaded as per screenshot above...

Hey @Ryxx ,

What version of the plugin are you using? Can you go to the Substance menu at the top and click the About button and tell me what it says?

The Unity error is odd, because this would only show if you don't have the new Substance in Unity plugin installed.

I use substance source within unity to create materials. And, for some reason, I haven't been able to login from the substance window in Unity. I tried removing Substance plugin then re-download it, re-importing it, and I still have the same problem. I tried logging in the web browser and my ID and password are correct.

Hey @pixelrave ,

Hmm I am able to log in fine on my end. Just to confirm, what version of the plugin are you using?

Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: Unreal Livelink
 on: January 30, 2019, 11:07:14 pm 

Did you replace the materials that were imported along with the mesh with Unreal-created materials? Also are you getting any errors in the Substance Painter log?

Thanks for the answer, but I'm not even seeing the full thumbnail with the material. I can't unfold its contents like in your screenshot.
I'm seeing a very tiny icon and can't do anything with it. When I drag it in the scene, the cursor turns to a circle crossed with a diagonal bar (forbidden sign).

I tried creating a test .sbsar from SD (version 5.6.2) and it's the same. Unity doesn't recognize that .sbsar too.

Here's what I have:

Hm I can't seem to reproduce this issue. Are you getting any errors in the Unity Console?


Here is a video showing what I am talking about. 
Basically I am trying to download materials into my UE4 project but I cannot see what any of the look like since when it tries to load the previews it only displays a white image of empty blankness.

What do I do?

Thanks in advance for any advice! :)

Hey @garretttru ,

This is a bug currently with any Unreal version lower than 4.21. The devs are aware of this issue. The Substance tiles will show up white in Substance Source. The workaround at the moment is to use the Substance Source website. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(


In this video I had to spend 20 minutes just clicking import on each popup.  There REALLY should be a way to Import All or say Apply To All or some other way to save us time.  I had a few hundred sbsar files to import and clicking hundreds of Import buttons with a few seconds between each one for it to load the next popup adds up fast and takes forever.  Also it is extremely boring.

In the video linked about it shows how tedious this is.  Just me clicking for 20 minutes straight -_-

If anyone knows anyone who can fix this at Allegorithmic or if they can contact the devs at Epic Games that would be a step in the right direction. 

Thanks in advance to anyone who can lend a hand with this terribly tedious problem.

Hey @garretttru ,

I totally agree that we should have an 'import all' option for Substance files. We have a ticket in for this currently. (and as a QA on the Substance plugin I have also wanted this for a long time  :P). Unfortunately, other larger issues have taken priority at this time.

Same here... Why?

What version of Unreal and Substance Painter are you using? How did you reproduce this issue?

Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: Visible If boolean issue
 on: January 30, 2019, 10:19:42 pm 
Hello everybody,

I have an issue with visible if on boolean parameter.
I want the parameter to be invisible so I am writing the expression

input["Identifier_boolean"] == false

The default settings is set to true, so it should be invisible, It works if I switvh in preview mode, but in UE4 is visible.
Is there any thing I am missing?

Thanks a lot,

Hey @dnl.decarlo ,

The UE4 plugin currently does not support VisibleIf functionality. We have a ticket in the backlog for this issue, but I can't give a timeframe on when it will be fixed unfortunately. Sorry for the inconvenience.  :-\

I'm having the same problem with Unity even. I created all materials but it's still only showing one material in Substance Painter when I link it with unity.

Hey @Filip cz 0 ,

The Unity LiveLink plugin is extremely old and hasn't been updated since it was on Substance Share. There are a number of known issues, the major one being that it currently does not support multiple materials on a mesh. We want to fix these issues, but the stability of the plugin has taken priority over LiveLink for the time being. Apologies for the inconvenience. :(

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