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YOu can indeed use the contact form here for inquiries about the Substance SDK:

This is more about catering to different industries and people. As a car designer or architect for example, coming on Source for the first time and seeing balls of flesh may not be the most appealing sight :)
We're looking into making this optional.

Could you please give some context on your issue? What do you mean by "2017 is out of date"?
Some Substances on Source were built using new functionality that was introduced in more recent versions of Substance Designer so you may not be able to edit these, but you should still be able to open most of the .sbs files on Source.

You could use a blur filter on top of your generator?

Yes, you probably want to apply a different transparent shader only to these parts so your whole model sin't using a complex shader at runtime. For Substance Painter, you could give these the same material before exporting your model from your 3D app, so that they end up in the same texture set.

The fix should be available tomorrow or early next week.

Substance Source materials can only be downloaded with an active Substance subscription.
With a simple Substance Painter or Substance Designer license, your only have access to the "Free" category.

Hi, are you located in Germany? In some countries Paypal does not support paying for subscriptions, and in these cases credit cards are the only option at the moment.

The manipulator only appears in the 3D view if you change the projection mode to other than UV projection (the default).

Unfortunately your integrated GPU is not supported by Substance Painter.
Please see the minimum specs page :

Ha yes indeed, Painter scales based on its center, which is a more artist friendly behavior compared to other paiting and image editing tools out there, including Substance Designer. You would have to add an offset in painter to match a typical UV scale which is based on the 0,0 UV coordinate.

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