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So I discussed about your issue with a developer, to see what we could do. Here a few new questions:

- Do you confirm that you can import anything except presets (smart materials, smart mask, brush presets) ?
- If you copy manually the Smart Materials into your installation folder (in the right location) do you still get the error ?
- Can you open the Smart Materials in other applications, such as notepad/notepadd++ ?
- Can you try to run the following command from a command line window open in Substance Painter folder :
Code: [Select]
"Substance Painter.exe" 1> output.txt 2>&1Then import the resource that fails and after that attach the output.txt file here.

Looks like you are using a custom Button instead of our AlgToolbarButton, that's why it fails.
In general it is best to use the widgets we provide unless you really need to customize them a lot.

We added scripting in Substance Painter long before Substance Designer. At the time Javascript was the best choice for us because it offered compatibility and native support of QML to design custom UI and was easier to expose our internal functions via Qt.

That's not possible, right now the API doesn't have any functions to manipulate the layer stack.

I don't see your log file.

You can try removing your preferences and then tweaking your UI again, to see if it's saved properly. To remove your preference got to : then remove the Substance Painter registry key to remove your preferences.

This is usually an issue related to Windows itself.
Are you running Substance Painter as Administrator ?

The "average normal" only affect split Normals on a vertex. In your case, all your vertices already share a common Normal, which means you already set it as "average" manually on the mesh. Therefore activating or deactivating this setting won't change a thing.

Yes indeed, Windows updates can sometime reset the TDR to its default values.

You will have to explain a bit further what is your issue and maybe show bigger/more explanatory screenshots.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - Re: Bake - Cage problem
 on: August 27, 2019, 03:51:55 pm 
- The cage can work as in part (1) of your first image if you tweak it properly. You have to provide the cage mesh however. Substance Painter doesn't generate one.

- The ray distance unit is computed base don the scene bounding box. You can either tweak again your value until your find one that works for you, or disable the "relative to bounding box" setting which will switch to cm, but you will have to know the size of your asset to tweak the ray distance properly.

Substance Designer has the Texture transfert baker, but not Substance Painter.
Depending on what you are looking for, the Planar projection in a fill layer could be good enough. However your use-case is not perfectly clear to me.

Right now the preset is not configurable. I'm moving your thread in the feature request forum. :)

Can you reattach a log file after the error appears ?
Your current log file doesn't mention it and I need the additional information.

This is is just a loading symbol, in this case the thumbnail has been unloaded by the engine. You can just click on the mask and it should came back.

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