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Hi again, thanks for your reply.

So the 'browse for folder' window is actually part of the Max UI and not Windows? (I've not been using Windows long, I've just switched over from Mac)...

If so - damn.

So, is there no easy way getting the script to call up the same sort of interface that Max uses for, say, its 'Import' command? It's like a limited version of the Windows File Explorer but it's still better than the Browse for Folder window...

Again, many thanks for your reply and your work on this utility.

Hi there,

I love this script and use it all the time, but there's one thing about it which really frustrates me; when I click the '...' button for 'Export Path' I get this kind of Windows File Explorer, and it's so limited and slow!

Is there anyway the script can be altered so that when I click the button I get this, more expanded kind of File Explorer dialog?

Otherwise - thank you very much for the script. It saves me so much time and hassle. Hopefully with this one alteration I could save just a little more time.

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