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wow, thanks!  i had given up on this post, glad to hear it wasn't some deep bug. horay i can go back to that project now!

it's attached in the first post ^

here's a link to the unreal project -

this and the .sbs linked above should be all you need - thanks for looking into it, glad you can't reproduce this, i must be doing something wrong.

the project is stripped down - there's only one map in the maps folder, this contains placed instances of the blueprint, and you should be able to find the resources pretty easily from those if you load the map up.

i verified this running and reproducing the bug before i zipped it up for you.

ah sorry, i wasn't clear.

i'm frustrated that substance graphs in UE4 won't accept regular uasset textures as inputs.

a project i'm working on would greatly benefit the use of a substance graph system to dynamically convert a particular legacy texture setup to a differently packed single texture, with the substance tech being used only in an offline capacity to generate new consolidated texture assets in-editor for future use as regular static uasset textures.

the fact that we can't use regular uasset textures unless theyre imported as a special substance format texture means i'd have to export out a HUGE texture asset library to .tgas , reimport them individually as substance texture assets to use them in this way.

and it seems odd that substance cannot accept them, it would seem logical that there would be no problem with that, so what gives? why must input textures be in a special format?

also, i hadn't even got as far as seeing if these output texture assets are in the same format - but i assume since people are having trouble using them as inputs for graphs, theyre regular "unusable" uasset textures.

it would be nice to see more flexible format interchangeability here.

hmm.   ok, well i'm trying this with a fresh stock install of ue4 and a fresh install of the substance plugin as of yesterday.

ue Version: 4.16.0-3452394+++UE4+Release-4.16 ,  plugin version is as you mention - and the behaviour seems unchanged. 

i'm using substance designer 5.4.0 tho, will this only work with 6+?

any joy on this really, really infuriating problem?  its kind of a bummer that we can't generate normal maps at runtime.

this made me so mad.  WHY can't this be done? when will it be adressed?

Hello guys

I've set up a blueprint that duplicates a graph instance , alters some params then creates textures for every placed blueprint actor in the scene.  this is working splendidly except for the normal map.

here's a shot of the material which has been created at runtime (the textured planet on right) showing the normal map behaving badly

and here's a shot of the same graph showing its offline default output textures - behaving as expected.

i have it set up as described in the documentation, using the provided Switch On EsubChannelType switch node to assign the textures to the dynamically created material -

but although the graph instance generates a perfectly good normal map when not being used at runtime,  when the textures are created by the blueprint, the normal map is output as a g8 format grayscale file.

here's the dynamic material which is being created at runtime - note the blank white texture in the normal slot

and here's that texture in the texture previewer -

has anybody had this problem? the internet is drawing a blank on this.
hope you can help.  i've included the graph as an attachment here -

i'm using unreal version  Version: 4.14.3-3249277+++UE4+Release-4.14 , and i downloaded the substance plugin just a week or so ago so i assume its latest - no idea how to get the version number for that.

the graph was created with substance designer 5

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Re: AFFplanoid
 on: March 19, 2016, 07:10:11 pm 
ya its awaiting allegorithmic approval - i dont think they work weekends ^.^

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - AFFplanoid
 on: March 19, 2016, 04:48:29 pm 
So i wanted a planet generator, and i thought *oh somebody must have done one of those in substance* so i went and searched on substance share and.... hmm nobody has gone too deep on this.

so i put one together!
thanks to Vincent Gault and Gaetan Lasagne for their work on polar coordinate correction.

Hey guys, you may have seen some weapons i posted a while back.  These were for an indie game I've been working on with friends, and it's just got a release date.   here's all the guns painted in substance again in a little hype party.

check us out at

Substance has been a great improvement over our old methods, and will allow us to make tons of cool new content quickly - especially the smaller stuff like weapon mods.

also horay to sketchfab for now supporting animation!  Substance painter was great to put a new shine on these old models.

Now we start work on the next suite of content for a future update!

hey man.   yeah i tried this, i named an exposed parameter "Hardness"  (with caps) , but it wasnt being driven by the brush command.

i've attatched it here.  is there some way of naming a param im not familiar with?

great to hear that deeper brush interaction is planned, that will be really really interesting to play with. lots of potential.

hey guys, it would be cool to see how you set up your brush substances, there doesnt appear to be a template for making a brush.

specifically, i was asking Raouf today about the possibility of modulating exposed parameters over the course of a brush stroke, or at least per-stroke, and after some discussion with a couple of you guys on chat he said it couldnt be done - apparrently if the parameter which was being changed caused the substance to re-calculate every step, it could quickly become bogged down and freeze the application even with a fast-calculating graph.

what i would like to do is change a parameter every time the brush is applied - specifically i want to get a random selection of bulletholes so i don't have to keep changing the brush.

is there some way i can apply randomness to a parameter which will re-roll the randomness every stroke?  it seems a shame with the power of substances that we can't access them from brush input rather than sliders on the brush options tab.

i thought about it some more and thought maybe i could hijack another function like size, rotation, hardness which has shortcuts on the brush tool itself.  i havent had a serious investigation into this yet, i thought i'd ask around here and see if anyone else has had any experience with it.

so, is anybody making custom painter brushes?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - The Cheat
 on: August 23, 2015, 06:44:36 pm 
My grizzled veteran warrior, cat of cats, mytiest lyon on lyfe, the Cheat - Cheatus Decimus Meridius, commander of the gardens of the north.  And he will have his biscuits in this life or the next.

A speedsculpt silly,  enabled by all this cool modern software to just decimate it, slap paint on it and stick it on the web. horay!

i... think it already does this... before friday, too!

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