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Content - Substance Source - Re: Missing Asset Points
 on: June 02, 2020, 10:28:29 am 

From what I see in your account you've had 30 points added when you subscribed on April 7th, and 30 more points on May 7th. Are you sure you are connected to the right Substance account? I see you have 27 of those 30 points left

A stitch filter will be included in the next release of Substance Painter.

Hey, Jeremie you mentioned that there would be a stitch filter added into substance. I noticed in the newest update of substance I don't see this filter.

It is actually not a filter, you need a mask generator named "Auto Stitcher" and you have to add an effet type "generator" on a layer and change it via its properties as the generators are not visible in the shelf by default

Hi Richard,

The Substance Source in Painter plugin has been deprecated as it was not up to date anymore, and that the launcher has the same functionalities and more, and that is it can be updated much more easily when there are changes on the Source side.
When you have the launcher and Painter open at the same time you can browse assets in the laucher's Source tab, and send those materials to Painter with the "send to" feature. It also works with tools other than Painter.

Here is the direct link to download the launcher

Hi Derek,

From what I see in your Substance Source account you have 90 points available.
Are you connected to the right Substance account when you connect on Substance Source?

I have a subscription and I still get the Substance gives you access to 30 downloads per month warning

I can see you have 59 available points, you should be able to download assets when connected to the account with the subscription

Content - Substance Source - Re: [Request] Salt Flats
 on: May 25, 2020, 10:57:23 am 
Hi Jaran,

The request is passed to the artists team!
Thank you for adding a reference

Kabum: 30 Substance Source points per month are included in the Substance subscription.
You don't seem to have a subscription, which exlains why you can't see points, but if you want to try materials from Source to see if they fit your needs you can try downloading the free ones.


Sometimes it looks like there are issues with the login on Share.
The only fix that seems to work most of the time is to go to the Substance website, change your password linked to your Substance account  to a new password with no special characters and then log back to share with your new password.


The link you posted ( ) refers to a 'Substance Launcher Integration' , but the link refering to it is just the main Substance download page?

I don't see anything about a plugin to be updated/integrated?

The link is the launcher link!
It is what is downloaded at firstw hen you want to download Substance.

Once you have it installed, you can send assets from the Substance Source tab to Substance Painter the same way that you did with the Source in Painter integration.

I'm trying since 30 th of april, but they always answer with the same sentence:
"Your account has been validated. Simply sign in with the username and pw."

It looks like my colleague Jeffrey answwered your email to support yesterday with a solution, have you tried it?

@Kabum unfortunately there is no other way, if you write to they will be able to validate your account manually

Hi George,

The Substance Source in Painter has been depreciated as it was up to date anymore, and that the Launcher has the same functionalities and more, and that is it can be updated much more easily when there are changes on the Source side.

Hi @jailachance
I can see that 30points have been added to your account on April 30th.
Sometimes it can take up to 30 minutes (and very rarely a few hours) after a new subscription for the points to be added to the account.

Hi Thomas,

We don’t provide the Substance Source integration anymore in Substance Painter.
We encourage you to use Source in Substance Launcher, which has a better experience with the "Send To" Painter and which has more functionalities.

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