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Content - Substance Source - Re: DL missing after Signing up
 on: September 17, 2020, 09:35:38 am 
Your Adobe account and Substance account are two separate things.
If you have a new subscription, it is linked to your Substance account. Please log in with your Substance account on Substance Source to see your points!

Hi all,
Please let me know if that error is back.
And if it does, please precise the browser you are using, as bugs are sometime browser specific.
Or if if is on the website or in the launcher integration of couse

Hi Elperi,

Our QA artist is on it!
I'll let you know when the material is fixed and updated on the platform


You have access to the whole library, so you can download zips with all the assets!
You can ask the person who has access to the Substance admin account in your company to go to the "licences" tab on the Substance3d account page.
There they'll be able to download all the sbsar and/or sbs files, depending on what you need.

@Intrepid3D the Substance Share account is the same account as Substance 3d website.
The way to change your password is to go to this page on the substance3d website.
Please put the adress email in the box, you will receive an email asking you to create a new password.
Chose a new password with no special characters and then log back to share with your new password.

This topic has been moved to Discussions on the Launcher board as it was about the integration of Source in the launcher. They will be able to help there!

Hi AngusHume,

Both "Polyester 3d knit" and "Cotton Linen Twill Jeans" have been updated on the website. The new versions should work fine whatever engine you use!
Don't hesitate to let me know if you find other ones that need updating.


My colleague from the launcher team has messaged you privately to have more info and get access to your logs.

Glad you found a solution!
I'll try to see what causes that issue when using the SSE2 engine

At the moment Arnold is used for the renders.
For the real time viewer it is not as precise in terms of tiling and displacement, the light is not the same and we had to make compromises to have a good performance when tweaking parameters so the quality is of course not as great.
But if you do ray tracing renders on your side you should be able to get the same level of quality as you see on the Source render!


I am not able to reproduce the dark spot you have on the "Cotton Linen Twill Jeans" material xhile opening it in the Substance player.
Have you applied modifications/done some tweaks to the material before the sport appeared, or is it present all the time?
Could you let me know which version of the Substance player you are using?

I imported it as an alpha with the same result

I'm not sure to understant what you are saying. Did you try to import it both as a base material and as an alpha with the same result?

We are not able to reproduce the issue, on our side it works correctly when imported as a base material.

Could you please send a picture of what it looks like in the 3D viewport when you try to apply it on a mesh?

In the version of SP we tested on (2020.1.0) it seemed to work properly both in the previews and in the viewport.

Do you have the possibility to update to the latest version if that is not the case yet?

Or did you import the decal as a "base material" in Painter?


Could you let me know which version of Painter you are currently using?

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