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Oh, wow! Thanks a lot! I'll test the .sbs

Ups! sorry for that. Now included the resources folder.

Hi! I didn't find how to attach the file in the PM, but here it is (with modified textues, as is from my work). The problem is with the two textures in the top left (the white and green rectangles).

"Also FYI, the autocrop option will crop according to the largest element in the input image."

Yes, but they are both similar, and some times one looks way bigger than the other (and is not always the same one).

"However I'll probably add an option to change this behavior."

Having that extra option would be very useful in some cases.

Thanks for the time and attention you pay to our issues!!! I'm very aware is not easy at all.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Re: No show thumbnails
 on: September 06, 2019, 07:10:19 pm 
I have no idea if it may help, but have you tried: windows, reset layout and close & open SD?

In the Atlas Splitter node, Auto crop works erratically.
- I have one atlas texture feeding 4 atlas splitter nodes. Each one selects a different element.
- There are 2 elements in the atlas, with similiar size.
-  When I activate the auto crop in all the 4 nodes, only one of those 2 is croped, but not always the same... When I close and open the project, the croped one may be different.

As you can see in the image, in this case the green one is being croped... If i close the project and reopen it, may be the same or may be the white the one wich is being croped. The other 2 nodes are never being croped (they are selecting smaller elements from the image).

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Re: Memento mori
 on: July 27, 2019, 06:59:50 am 
Love it!!!

Really nice!

That happen to me  when the meshes are attached to bones (from blender, haven't tried from max). What I do is first is to  unparent all the meshes, and then export the .fbx

Sometimes we need to make some adjustments to several layers. After each adjustment, SP re-process (re-render) the full texture, slowing down the pc. Would be possible to click some icon to stop  that process, make all the adjusments needed in al the layers, and then click again to start the process?

(The same would be useful in SD).

I installed 2019.1.2 and so far so good (with and without "Hardware support acceleration" enabled).

Thanks a lot to all your team for your hard work!



I have a big problem with several files, where the masks become crazy, wheter I used color selection and/or polygon fill to define them. I have to reselect colors, or delete polygons and paint them again over and over, and when finally it seems to work, the exported texture is wrong anyway. This is a rectangular texture as example, but happens on square textures as well.
This is what I (finally!) get in the project:

And this is the exported texture:

I have found several threads related:,27729.msg108429/highlight,masks.html#msg108429,28836.msg112019/highlight,masks.html#msg112019,27591.msg107884/highlight,polygon+fill.html#msg107884

Disabling "Hardware support acceleration" makes no difference for me.  I'm using 2018.3.1

Please, some help, because at this point SP is becoming useless for me (and probably for other people too).

Yes, it happens to me too. Also the faces selected with "poligon fill" disappear, althoug some times just some faces.

I have the same or similar issue with 2018.3.1  Some old files with some sections in wrong color or missing color in some random sections.

They used to work properly in Substance painter 2017; can't tell wich nvidia drivers version I was using.

Changing the color channel to RGB16 doesn't help, but reducing the size from 4096 to 2048 works... (I need 4096 tough).

Please, some help. I'm stuck with my work.

Oh, you're right! Thanks for the advice!!!

Thanks for the quick reply.

"This is a bug that hasn't been fixed yet. It's still in our backlog at the moment.
You should follow the recommendations mentioned in the link."

The recomendation is:

"What you can do for now is to modify it in Substance Designer to only use 1 output and use a "Multi switch" node with the "Input Selection" parameter exposed to have the possibility to switch directly between the different nodes in Substance Painter."

That do not apply in this case, as I need all the channels in some layers, and I need to be able to select just the mask channel in others (to apply different effects on each)...  The problem is from 2015; I know this things happen (I'm developer my self), but may I ask if is to low in the "to do" list?

Thanks again.

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