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is it possible to render out a single texture set in iray ?. ive tried searching through google and cant find any info about it for substance 2018.. and posts that mention it wasnt possible in previous versions of substance painter..

also is it possible to render a wireframe view in iray ? it shows this in the viewport panel, but it doesnt display in the render :/


i need to make a change to my entry, but i dont know how to edit it i emailed but the auto response says they will get back to me within 48 hours and it'll be too late by then, should i make another entry ?

only started using substance about a week ago, quite enjoyed playing around with it and learning as a student ive had substance for a while but never used it. its definatly a faster process than using photoshop ^_^. not as good as some of the entries ive seen but still had fun ( which is all that matters ).

was going for a lava style feeling.

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