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Is there a way to change the layering order of frames in SD? If I add a frame over another frame, sometimes the new frame hides the old one and I have to make the frame on top be more transparent to see the other one. Thanks!

I figured out the problem - My antivirus, F-Secure, wanted to block the download. I cleared Chrome's cache, updated Chrome and the F-Secure browser extension for Chrome, and I was able to download afterwards.

Hi! I can't download any substances from Substance Source, either in Painter or through a web browser. If I try through Painter, I get a "Download Failed" every time. However, it does show up in the "My Assets" section, but I can't download them.

When I try through the web browser (Chrome), I get this error:

"This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.
Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

I also tried in Microsoft Edge, and it says I can't connect securely and that the TLS security settings may be outdated or unsafe.

When I run Windows Network Diagnostics, it can't find a solution. I have the latest Substance Painter installed, 2017.4.2.

Thanks in advance!

Try playing with the shape - using something with more of a falloff will make the stripes vary in thickness.

Thanks - that helps! I kind of figured it out by playing around with the settings.

Hi! I was following the tutorial "Substance Designer Getting Started 03 - Material Blending Part 1". I'm using Substance Designer 2017.1.2 trial. My Ambient Occlusion node doesn't have "Spreading" or the Equalizer controls. It only has Height Depth, Radius, Quality, and GPU Optimization.

I tried looking in the documentation, but I couldn't find anything on Height-Based AO. How should I adjust the AO in SD 2017?


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