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I am working with a large spaceship and this needs to be rendered in VRAY.

I would need a way to tell VRAY which areas to render with Carpaint material and which just the standard PBR shader.

What would be a sensible workflow for something like this? Is it possible to embed the mask somehow into the alpha channel of the Basecolor for example? 

The problem is that I have laid out several materials on top of the areas that need to be car paint, and I would need to be able to mask those out as well. I get it that we can create blending mask texture and control sensibly which elements contribute or subtract from this map.

But how will I plug this in VRAY?

What adds difficulty to this is that the whole thing is way over 100 UDIMs.

Right, however I fail to find this download anywhere in Substance site. Is there a direct link?

So there is no Substance2 node in my Max 2020 only Substance which is obsolete.
What should I do?

I am having this same issue from 3ds Max 2020 using OBJ. I am dealing with complex rigged mesh and cannot use FBX as the orientation of the multiple objects go crazy.

I get no red errors in the log, I can see the UDIMs spread out correctly but only get one DefaultMaterial Texture Set.

When exporting OBJ from 3ds Max the smoothing groups are all 100% smoothed and SP doesn't

Using FBX is not possible because Max has problem in this particular case (it flips polygon normals of sub object) and the rig also forbids using that. this doesn't seem to be Substance Painter issue but more like 3ds Max issue.

So I got this huge space ship I am doing for a client. It has 22UDIM tiles and is mirrored from center with symmetrical left and right and textured already in Substance painter. Then the client said we need to add texts to the sides of the ship.

I would need to un-mirror the ship and somehow project the textures to the other half so I would get unique texture space on the both sides. What would be the most effective way of doing this?

So I would need unique texture space on the parts of the model that need text.

I tested that UV Reprojection doesn't work because the UDIM tile will be different for the unmirrored part.

Only way I can imagine is to export each textures from SP, separate the other half to unique UDIMs in Max and flip, then flip each texture manually in PS and import them to SP. Ohmygod

I have seen several tutorials on metal rendering in VRAY which suggests disabling fresnel for metal, as metal fresnel calculations are more complex than ordinary dielectric ones.

For most physically accurate scenario, if I export Substance Painter maps to VRAY, should I for example export metal mask and use that somehow to trick the shader to disable fresnel for metallic parts(and perhaps use more advanced OSL version for that)?

This isn't really Substance Painter issue as much as it's issue with Max 2019.

I am trying to load more than 10 UDIM maps with MultiTile. However if I exceed number of 9 tiles, MultiTile node in Slate Editor somehow guesses the number of tiles to be 17 and fills in empty textures and wrong tile names.

For certain the correct tile number is 11, only files in the folder are


and so forth.

I even separated the files to it's own folder; no other files are present to be confused about.

As far as I understand I am following the proper UDIM naming convention from Substance Painter and I have selected the correct File Pattern Format (UDIM)

This is really killing me.

I had a strange issue (probably my own mistake at some point) in which the corresponding FBX file and Substance Painter exported .fbx have different UVs.

Can Substance Painter change UV layout somehow during some operation?

I am running Maya 2019.2

Not exposing pixelsize parameter fixed the issue.

If I try to load Substance .sbsar via substanceNode Maya crashes.
Furthermore if I press Reload that kills Maya instantly.

EDIT: I had simply problem with UVS no issue whatsoever with Substance Painter.

I am having issue with texture sets being disabled upon import. Texture sets 1003, and 1004 are grayed out. I have tried adjusting them in Maya. This doesn't make any sense, they are laid out correctly, and I am receiving no errors on log.

Oddly enough, OBJ file does import the texture sets, but for reason unknown Texture sets 1003 and 1004 appear on 1001; not in the UV view though; I am unable to paint anything on them.

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - RTX accelerated iRay?
 on: August 28, 2019, 01:27:34 pm 
I saw that baking of maps is now RTX accelerated.
I would be interested if iRay renderer is also RTX accelerated or are there plans to make that happen?

Yes so do I, even with 8GB I am sometimes struggling.
I wonder how Radeon VII would perform as it has 16GB

I go to Mesh Display and set harden edge, and so on, and export FBX.

The mesh has always smoothed normals in Substance Painter 2019.2.0. I have tried various FBX versions.

The FBX is not smoothed if I open it in Marmoset or any other application except Substance Painter.

I am using Maya 2018.

Oh I see. How much VRAM does one have? Does multiple cards benefit somehow?

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