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I'm a hobbyist and infrequent user. I decided to revisit the 2018 Lantern tutorials by Wes on YouTube to brush up. 

After the first couple crashes, I loaded the mesh in Maya LT 2020 to check if it was a system problem. That took a couple of seconds to load so I knew it wasn't my computer.

I attempted the following fixes, all to no avail:

- fixed registry editor to include both Tdr keys (set to 120 sec to be sure) -- the log mentions TdrLevel: None, but I can't find this in the documentation; if there's a correct value to add, please tell me.
- changed the Virtual Memory paging file size to 24GB
- Turned off Norton 360

After each change I checked the Log file to see if I could find anything. The common Warnings in all of them related to Iray, starting with "MDL search dir path not found" in multiple directories then more Warnings about "Alg::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for applicationStarted()" and more of the same.

The mesh did load a couple of times but then Painter spontaneously shut down before I could do anything.

I'm willing to delete the 7.1.0 and download the 2018.1.0 in the tutorials if that's the easiest fix, but it would be nice to be able to use the current version. Please let me know how to proceed, thanks.

I have Indie Substance 5.6 but don't have Substance Live. I have some "Available Downloads" on Substance Source from before and I downloaded several substances with the sbs included.

When I open them up, there is no graph that I can see and I can't seem to access anything. The most I can do is "View Outputs in 3D view"

Am I doing something wrong, or is it because I have not subcribed to Substance Live? Thanks

Hi guys,

This all started because of three nodes, the first pic below. I had wanted to make a tile pattern like this, but I couldn't find a good method. Then I heard James Sky say that you can turn off tiling in Transform 2d, which I did, and then the rest of the pattern was easy to make.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I got to this point -- different workflows can lead to similar results it seems, and if you keep plugging nodes together, miraculous things can happen. I know this must seem like a child's drawing to the advanced members, but hey, it's all new to me and my stuff looks good to me (and really good to people I know that have no clue about any of this, haha).

Luckily, I spent most of my days off making Vincent Gault's procedural grass, so now I know how to expose my parameters when I can trace back through the graph and find the critical nodes. And maybe I'll put some more effects on them to make them look better too.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Worn Leather
 on: January 10, 2016, 12:02:49 am 
This is my first Substance. I am still working on it, particularly choosing which nodes to expose as parameters, for color and texture particularly . This is all pretty new to me -- I've finally figured out SD 2 weeks ago and decided to try building my own Substance from scratch a few days ago after watching many videos from Wes and Vince, and untold others as well.

I'm still not sure about all the outputs. This looked good with just the base color and the normal map, but I included the others in the graph since it seems everybody has them. The only difference in the pictures is the lighting generated by the background; no changes were made to the Substance.

I took the good advice to try to minimize the timings wherever possible, but I'm still not sure it there is a way to see what the total sum of the graph is.

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