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Hey guys!
I just wonder, did we finally get it with some of the recent updates? I can't find information about it anywhere... It would help me a lot right now  ;)
Thank you in advance!

Hey guys, I know this topic was dead for last 5 years  ;D , but I still think that it would be better to ask my question here.
So here is the question: I want to convert information from my specular channel into mask. But it doesnt work in any ways that I have tried. What I mean is that I want to take information from Specular channel from all of layers underneath and convert it into mask. Is it possible?
Thank you!

Here is my final result guys! I hope you like it ;) It was really fun to work on this sad buddy  ;)

Really cool design. Great work!  ;D
Thank you very much!

The last one

And a little bit more

More pictures ;)

Very nice!
Thank you  :)
Here is my update. I think I'm almost done...
I was trying to make it clear for people that he is sad because he is running out of the battery, I hope it works well ;)

Hi everyone!
Here is my small update.
I was planning to finish height/displacement map stage for this cute fella tonight...but eventually I have more things to do.
Probably I will start to texture only on weekends. Well, I would say 70% is done  ;)

He’s so cute and sad in the same time :(

Haha thank you, that was the point  ;)
I worked on some details today.

Thank you guys

Thank you Vincent  ;)

Hi everyone!
I finally have something to show. It's still on the stage of basic finding basic shapes and design, but I think that I will keep the most of it.
The idea is to show the last moment of "vintage" robot that is running out of his battery, but as the Chappie, this little buddy has a soul and he is sad to leave this world.
He is old and he was left on the street because his masters got a new model. So some mean kids were having fun of poor him, drawn some stupid or inappropriate stuff on him, kicked him and bullied in different ways.
That's why I'm planning to texture him as an old robot covered by rust,old paint, moss,grass on his feet and so on. But for now I'm still working on his basic shapes.

Hi everyone!

I have decided to participate in the last few days xDD But I think I will be able to finish that material for a few days.


What I've got after few hours:

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