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just upgraded to Substance 3D and cant find Tools in libraries

Where did the "tools" go ?

where ?

nice. all that displacement seems to hold up good.
would you mind sharing screenshots of what your height map looks like ?


Some reference.

*Edit. New Idea.

Hello all, I decided to make a substance genie bottle and the genie grants ALL your "material" wishes.  ;)
Wish me luck.

Funny thing is, the Marmoset version baked in Mikkt space doesnt work when I place it in Unity (gives those nasty shading errors).

I've started a post at Polycount in the Marmoset section, I am sure its something simple we're overlooking.

that would actually make sense since Painter bake looks off in Marmoset.

so if we are not doing anything wrong while baking in Painter, then the question remains is who is doing the proper mikkt bake ? painter or marmoset ?

if unity renders painter bake properly then at least Painter and Unity are doing something similar.

is Marmoset doing something wrong ? or both Unity and Painter doing something wrong ?

I just would like some answers whether we are doing anything wrong in Painter or not.

thanks for the clarification.

so unitiy looks to have a more synced tangent space with substance painter resulting in such clean normals.

i am just wondering what i am doing wrong that i cant seem to get that perfect bake look in marmoset toolbag.

is toolbag mikkt different from substance painter mikkt calculation ?

thanks for the replies.

@ Victor - harden all UV border is a very out dated method that pretty much defeats the purpose of synced normal maps. it also introduces quite visible seams along all the UV borders / hard edges besides other issues. i think i can even see some of those seams on your screenshots.

@ Jeremie - i tried that already, but it gives different shading errors:

compute tangent space per fragment ON

I am mainly concerned about mikktspace.

I have a simple mesh in high and low, exported in obj to avoid exporting tangent & binormals
mesh is also triangulated to avoid tringulation mismatch errors.

bakes out of painter does not look accurate in toolbag.

you can get test files here:

please help, what am I doing wrong ?

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