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Hi, you should be able to modify the mapping as for bitmaps by selecting the substance node itself and switch to "Planar from Object XYZ".


One thing you can try would be to remove the Bitmap2Material "3_x" folder from the registry Editor (be careful not to modify other things in the registry editor).
- Use Win+R shortcut, type "regedit" to access to the registry editor
- Go in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" => "SOFTWARE" => "Allegorithmic" => "Bitmap2Material"
- Select the "3_x" folder, then delete it
- Launch B2M3 again to see how it goes

No problem, thanks for your reply.

Hi, we took a look at your last downloads on Source and everything seems to be correct.
When you downloaded "Scrapped Paint" you were at 13 (and switched to 12 after the download).
Here is a quick overview of the last operations in case it can help :

"balanceBefore": 15,
"balanceAfter": 14,
"asset": "Granite Rock Mossy",
"amount": -1,
"date": "2017-09-09T10:55:38"

"balanceBefore": 14,
"balanceAfter": 14,
"asset": "Metal Mesh Oblong",
"amount": 0,
"date": "2017-09-12T18:26:56"

"balanceBefore": 14,
"balanceAfter": 13,
"asset": "Space Shuttle Tiles",
"amount": -1,
"date": "2017-09-12T20:58:47"

"balanceBefore": 13,
"balanceAfter": 12,
"asset": "Scrapped Paint",
"amount": -1,
"date": "2017-09-13T08:23:17"

"balanceBefore": 12,
"balanceAfter": 11,
"asset": "Metal Coated",
"amount": -1,
"date": "2017-09-13T21:20:15"

"balanceBefore": 11,
"balanceAfter": 10,
"asset": "Waffled Thread Plate",
"amount": -1,
"date": "2017-09-13T21:20:55"

And thanks for the kind words!



Be sure to enable the "Opacity" output (in the "Outputs" group). I quickly tested using a PNG and a TGA (32b with alpha) and it seems to be ok.


The "--connect-image" option will automatically add the "Transform 2D" node in order to preserve the dynamic resolution of the substance.
As the "Bitmap" nodes are not dynamic (even in "Relative to Parent", they will be generated in 256x256 outside of SD), we use it in order to adapt the resolution to the graph size.

Even if the bitmap is downscaled to 256x256 in SD, it's not necessary a problem if you set the size (in sbsrender) to a higher resolution as mentioned by Mark (using "--set-value $outputsize@11,11" for example in sbsrender).

One thing you can also do is to use "absolute-size" in order to force the bitmap to be created using an absolute resolution.
Just in case : you can get the different options by doing "sbsmutator.exe --help edit"


You should be able to specify the resolution you want in sbsrender by modifying the "$outputsize" parameter, for example:
Code: [Select]
--set-value $outputsize@11,11

Content - Substance Source - Re: Include Packed Export Format
 on: September 04, 2017, 11:52:42 am 

It's more something that would be handled by the integration (our Substance UE4 plugin) as on the Source side it would require to duplicate datas or add a lot of parameters (with some constraint in what's possible to do).
I know this is something we have on our roadmap but I'll discuss about it with our integration team.

Substance Integrations - Autodesk 3ds Max - Re: Max 2018
 on: September 04, 2017, 11:49:43 am 

If you get this error in 3ds Max it's most probably due to the Substance engine version.
One thing you can try is to use the 3ds Max updater :,14223.0.html

We will at some point release a dedicated 3ds Max plugin in order to be sure to have a perfect behaviour.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Regarding the new project creation issue in SP, it shouldn't be something related to the bridge as it doesn't affect SP preferences/rights/settings but we're not sure of the issue right now (it can also be related to some antivirus or Windows rights).
As it seems to fix the issue in your case, if it happens again, that would be great for us to have the corresponding Registry information (you can export a .reg file from the Registry Editor, screenshot below).

Also, if you can send us (it can be by email) the SP log file ( it can help.


Hi, if you look at your account points on Substance Source (or if you logout in Substance Painter, then log in again), you'll notice you have the correct amount of points.

It means your account still have the correct amount of points but we indeed have a bug in Substance Painter (thanks for the report) were one point is automatically deduced in the UI when downloading one asset, even if this one is free (and even if the point is not "really" deduced).

Hope it is clear (let me know if it's not), anyway we will fix it, thanks again.

Hi, thanks for the feedback, it should be fixed now (you can download the fixed version on Source).

Hi Vrigash,

I quickly tried using the last Substance Painter version (2017.1.0) and it seems to be ok by modifying the path to fit the new install repository.
I'll have to modify the bridge to fit the new install folder (as we changed recently).
Are you sure the "Substance Painter path" field has the correct path (based on where you installed SP)?

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