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It looks like there is no option to invert the output Opacity.
I'm using, as the final destination Unity 2019 PBR.

Since in Unity is "Transparency". One (1) will be transparent and zero (0) will be not transparent
In Painter (1) is not transparent and (0) is transparent

I wish an option to invert output in this case "Opacity".

Is very annoying!
What can I do as a workaround?

WISH: I wish there is a "Transparency" option in the "Converted maps" section (Output Template)

Using Substance Painter

Is there a filter or a generator to select just the edges of a UV mapping mesh island?
How can I select and paint just the edges of a UV mapping mesh island?

Hi, Substance community,

I wish to reproduce this dirtiness. Is this possible?

I try to bake the Painter normal map and import it back. I look for filters and generators. I also try using AO with no success.
 Any idea of the workflow for this? Please step by step.


I wish to export the final texture maps (of this clown wheels) to reimport them back into another Substance Painter project. Or sometimes to fat out all.

But there is no clear way to do this looking at the export options.
I remember there was a video tutorial but I was not able to find it.

Thx Substance team for this wonderful product.

So I usually import CAD content. We use to unwrap using cylindrical, spherical, box projection in some cases.
For example, importing this cylinder, I was not expecting this kind of unwrapping. In this case, is glass so I need both side of the cylinder. I could work painting using tri-planar but somehow It was not expecting the distortion on the plane. What do you think?

Anyway, after automatic UV unwrap on this object, it looks like there is a problem using the paint tool "polygonal fill".



OK, Dear developers. I use Rhinoceros for creating cars, sailboats and game assets. And later I convert surface (NURBS) to poly meshes. Usually I do a manual unwrapping and import it to Painter but takes me a lot of time.

I take out the UV mapping from the enclosed mesh and import it to Painter 2019.3.0. Painter is unable to unwrap correctly.

normal bug

Substance Painter, version 2019.3.0
Build 3530 - da0fcd911314e0d372748de17408b9842dca3cc1
Windows 10 64
i5 9600k, GTX 1080Ti, 32Gb Ram
Mesh output from: Rhinoceros 6 > Blender 2.81 > fbx

Hi Subtance Team!

What are the pre requisite to automatic UV unwrapping to work.

I'm using Substance Painter 2019.3.0 and when I'm importing the mesh, the Painter automatic UV unwrapping look like importing the actual model UV mapping. I wish to use the automatic UV unwrapping.

How to force Painter to make an automatic UV unwrapping?

All my meshes contains a sort of UV mapping.
How to export without UV mapping is that posible?

I wish to use an Operator node
I drag and drop them into the graph and nothing happens.

The reference documentation is not helping

I finish all the basic tutorials in the academy. Is there a tutorial for making math operations.

(In my case I wish to blend tree textures in realtime using a slider. So the slider control wich texture is using. Texture one at 0, texture2 at 0.5 and texture3 at 1. In this way, if the slider is at 0.25 will be blending texture0 and texture1.)

In general, using Substance Painter, I'm painting the same model multiple times and is frustrating and time consuming.

This is because of the models are not perfect and need always some adjustments. When I finish painting one part I realise there are other parts that the UV mapping is wrong and the import process is not perfect.
A solution can be to open a second substance painter. Copy each materal layer from the old substance painter model and past it to the other substance painter. But there is no way to copy one material group or layer and past it into another second substance painter project.

When I finish painting the model and I use the new tool live link plugin for real-time update workflow, I need to open the model from Unity and I loos all my painted job! :( So I can't use older painted modles and correct them in realtime.

If Unity Substance loos the connection then I loose also the painting process and I has to start one more time.

When I finish painting in the Unity 2017 -> S.Painter 2017 -> Unity live link Workflow there is no way to save and continue next day. So at the end is useless. and time consuming.

I'm repainting the same object several times.

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