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This sRGB_ColorChecker2014.jpg won't load to Substance Painter. Substance Painter says Failed to decode bitmap.
This should be just a standard 8-bit RGB image, nothing special, says so in Photoshop. This opens fine with Substance Designer, Photoshop etc.

I am using the latest version of SP.

I tried to use Substance Alchemist with my new RTX3090 using the latest drivers. More often than not Image to Material (AI Powered) failed to process entirely and if they ever processed it took 15 minutes or more with a simple 2048x2048. Mostly the software just crashed.

I had to downgrade to low end graphics card for Substance demo.

Honestly I feel kinda super disappointed for the quality of this software. The new card works perfectly for everything else, Designer, Painter, Unreal, Max or V-Ray. I am lucky I didn't sell my old card.

So for some reason Substance plugin in UE is now creating material instances based on the material templates. This was not the case before, I was able to edit the material graphs in UE, now these are just instances I cant easily modify.
Am I missing some setting?
Running UE 4.25

Often the workflow is that we need to have a colored pattern to splatter to the scene using Tile Sampler Color, this is maybe for color reasons but also for alpha to avoid overlapping or such issues.

Often however similar pattern needs to have a height channel distributed the same way.

Other than running two indentical Tile Samplers, is there easy workaround for this? if there was a way to pass height channel throught the Tile Sampler color, that would be super. Hey wait, can't I make one? Hmm.

I am having severe performance issues with the latest Substance Painter when having more than one fabric substance loaded in Painter. The fabric substances are not complicated by any means.

Lowering the resolution helps a little a bit, but in order to do detail work I need to be able to see this in 4K. I often have to wait several minutes to make even a small change in any of the substances. I am not using any udims, but have few texture sets which have no complex substances.

I have not had such issues before, but at present I would consider this to be near unusable, it kills all creativity and productivity.

Windows shows dedicated GPU memory is only half used, 4GB used about half free. This shouldn't be slow.

So my machine specs are 2080 super, 64gb of ram and 16 core AMD processor and running latest NVidia Studio graphics drivers.

Somehow my brain doesn't work with this one

Does Substance Painter recognize a shared memory of cards connected with NVLink?

I have used UDIMs for several years now as texture sets. Now since the update I notice the task of managing multiple UDIMs to be much more computationally intensive than before, understandably so as we can now paint across them.

Dropping the resolution to 1024 or 2048 does help but I often need to check the high res details. Switching back to 4K takes a lot of time due to some kind of re-computation. This is not unbearable situation by all means, but I often wish there was less waiting. As I do this for a living, investing into more high end hardware may also be reasonable choice.

I am running Substance on Ryzen 3950x with 64gb of RAM and 2080Super with 8GB.

My question if, was I to upgrade to 2080Ti which has 11GB or Quadro card with 16GB, would I see noticeable improvement when dealing with several UDIMS? Or should I increase RAM on my computer instead?

Substance Painter, version 6.2.0
Build 513 - 67df1aa124ddec15a6b78aeca8fb01cc5ade83d3

After baking getting tons of these , basically saying cant decode any maps

[EngineBitmapLoad] Failed to decode bitmap.
resource://project0/Thickness Map from Mesh Material _160?version=86981a13dbaaaf45cf449294eaf28a7e1483cf05.image

EDIT, figured out the syntax be $mesh_$textureSet_BaseColor(-$udim)

So previous custom presets need to be updated, no big deal

When tweaking complex substances using fill node, or export, SP crashes hard without ability to send bug report. Curiously both my screens flashes black during this. Is this some video card issue? I am using latest NVidia Studio drivers.

I am working with a large spaceship and this needs to be rendered in VRAY.

I would need a way to tell VRAY which areas to render with Carpaint material and which just the standard PBR shader.

What would be a sensible workflow for something like this? Is it possible to embed the mask somehow into the alpha channel of the Basecolor for example? 

The problem is that I have laid out several materials on top of the areas that need to be car paint, and I would need to be able to mask those out as well. I get it that we can create blending mask texture and control sensibly which elements contribute or subtract from this map.

But how will I plug this in VRAY?

What adds difficulty to this is that the whole thing is way over 100 UDIMs.

So there is no Substance2 node in my Max 2020 only Substance which is obsolete.
What should I do?

When exporting OBJ from 3ds Max the smoothing groups are all 100% smoothed and SP doesn't

Using FBX is not possible because Max has problem in this particular case (it flips polygon normals of sub object) and the rig also forbids using that. this doesn't seem to be Substance Painter issue but more like 3ds Max issue.

So I got this huge space ship I am doing for a client. It has 22UDIM tiles and is mirrored from center with symmetrical left and right and textured already in Substance painter. Then the client said we need to add texts to the sides of the ship.

I would need to un-mirror the ship and somehow project the textures to the other half so I would get unique texture space on the both sides. What would be the most effective way of doing this?

So I would need unique texture space on the parts of the model that need text.

I tested that UV Reprojection doesn't work because the UDIM tile will be different for the unmirrored part.

Only way I can imagine is to export each textures from SP, separate the other half to unique UDIMs in Max and flip, then flip each texture manually in PS and import them to SP. Ohmygod

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