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It looks like there is no option to invert the output Opacity.
I'm using, as the final destination Unity 2019 PBR.

Since in Unity is "Transparency". One (1) will be transparent and zero (0) will be not transparent
In Painter (1) is not transparent and (0) is transparent

I wish an option to invert output in this case "Opacity".

Is very annoying!
What can I do as a workaround?

WISH: I wish there is a "Transparency" option in the "Converted maps" section (Output Template)

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Support for RTX cards?
 on: January 16, 2021, 03:50:29 pm 
No, we are not using CUDA, good old OpenGL.

Thx @Jeremie Noguer,

I purchase a RTX 3090 and is not faster than my GTX 1080Ti
Iray is very noisy  :(

I was hoping for DLSS support. I want to learn more about the technical side.

Is it possible that Iray OpenGL does not support DLSS as a post-process,
or DLSS is only embedded in RTX raytracing?

Painter loos not growing any more like other years
Is there any intention from Algotimic to take the profit from RTX in 2021?

Is Algorithmic thinking to integrate a second rendering that uses RTX or DX12 raytracing?
So that we continue having a legacy Iray render button and the new RTX button.
because there will be no more GTX cards. NVIDIA goes only improving RTX.

thanks and regards,
Alan Mattano

Iray old good OpenGL | 2018: RTX raytracing + DLSS | 2021: using 3090 no RTX support

Ok there is a generator name:
UV Border Distance

Using Substance Painter

Is there a filter or a generator to select just the edges of a UV mapping mesh island?
How can I select and paint just the edges of a UV mapping mesh island?

Thx WES for deep explanation!

This is an old thread but still very useful and on top of google research.

This is an interesting 2007 old article explanation about:

I want to mention that gamma was created for the old tube monitor (CRT) reasons. What I can understand, actual flat led monitors does not usually require further gamma correction nor digital cameras. But somehow we "tech society" are incapable of leaving behind the gamma. I hope one-day all the tech industry together makes gamma disappeared as it should and all textures and photos are converted to normalized linear (for example 2030!) :

Somehow people think gamma is necessary (probably because of the analogic film industry have an s curve) and here there are some examples:

For other Unity users like me that are still reading this; If you are making a very dark game, there are chances gamma can help you. Or because on some platforms, the hardware only supports the gamma format. If not, go linear into your game.

In Unity:

Linear supported platforms:

A Unity guide useful link:


Yes, using anchor probably is the bay to go.
But I wish to paint outside the normal bump map.
Maby I need to use some kind of shadow?
I'm wondering if the shadow filter could work.

Hi, Substance community,

I wish to reproduce this dirtiness. Is this possible?

I try to bake the Painter normal map and import it back. I look for filters and generators. I also try using AO with no success.
 Any idea of the workflow for this? Please step by step.

I feel like the mesh density of your model is not detail as the 8k texture for each UV. I suggest making several separate parts. I expect a model with 65.000 poly mesh for each 8K UV mapping texture. Because of the smoothness of the surface that reflects the real esthetic intention of that particular Industrial designer. You can separate parts and make them hero parts. Regards Alan Mattano

do I need to import the bump and AO maps instead of baking them?
How do I deal with normal bumps, heigh and tessellation displacemnt?
I found a discrepancy in the final render.
Is there a Substance Painter tutorial?

Are you using trilinear projection, instead of UV projection?

How does the unwrapping look like?
Also for debugging you question place a screenshot of the final unwrapping.

There will be that kind of option in the feature.


I wish to export the final texture maps (of this clown wheels) to reimport them back into another Substance Painter project. Or sometimes to fat out all.

But there is no clear way to do this looking at the export options.
I remember there was a video tutorial but I was not able to find it.

Thx Substance team for this wonderful product.

Hi @Jeremie Noguer, Thx for this awesome tool

As a workaround, I probably assign a new material for backface of the cylinders. In this way will help the overall unwrapping shape.

 after automatic UV unwrap on this object, it looks like there is a problem using the paint tool "polygonal fill". The polygonal selection over the UV mapping is strange. Can you check out or I need to feel a bug report?

So I usually import CAD content. We use to unwrap using cylindrical, spherical, box projection in some cases.
For example, importing this cylinder, I was not expecting this kind of unwrapping. In this case, is glass so I need both side of the cylinder. I could work painting using tri-planar but somehow It was not expecting the distortion on the plane. What do you think?

Anyway, after automatic UV unwrap on this object, it looks like there is a problem using the paint tool "polygonal fill".


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