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I can't believe you're so relaxed about what you just said! I'm furious! What is going on?????????? Where are all my assets? Really, really not good enough!

I do have an Adobe account and what I hate is that Adobe always offers me a Free Trial and suggests I subscribe! Is it really that hard for Adobe to understand that I do already subscribe when I'm logged in already?
Moreover, now all the assets that I previously had a licence for no long show up as being licenced for me? Is Adobe going to fix this. What if I need to download those assets again? Yes they show up in the launcher but why not on the website? According to your website I had NO assets until I redownloaded one to see what would happen, a free one by the way.

This is terrible customer service. Makes me feel like Adobe treats me like an ant to be stepped on without even noticing! Don't get me started on the lack of clarity with regard to knowing what on earth was going on yesterday. Why I had to panic about not remembering my password and not being able to find the links I needed to download the updates is beyond me. Why is basic ease of use so alien to Adobe?


I bought some sbsar files on Artstation however the seller was extremely lazy with the naming and they're nowhere near unique I now have so many named 001, 002, 003. Fine when you've got a preview but for some the preview is just not good enough to see what it is. I'm really new and found some entries here but I didn't understand any of the jargon.

So, how can I rename the .sbsar file to something meaningful to display in Substance Painter?


I did a trial a couple of years ago and picked up a couple of tips and managed to export transparent images. Then this time hit on it by accident. However didn't really know what I'd done and then couldn't get it to work, so I'm here reading this thread. I've spent hours trying to figure it out. Nothing I've read works in entirety.

I've got my Fill layer with only op set.
I've got my paint layer with only Color set
In the export, the ONLY combination that works is by selecting the preset 'Document Channels + Normal +AO (With Alpha)'

I have no idea why my own Output template doesn't work I've tried all kinds. I am very new to this and don't know if there's even a downside to using that preset. I would just use PBR if I didn't want a transparent layer for Layer Image Editor in Daz Studio.

Look in the 'Contextual Toolbar' it's at the top, when you've got a brush it'll say 'Size' 'Flow' Stroke'. Next to 'Size' you can click on the arrow and dotted Circle 'Full Preview Cursor'.

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