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Hey George,

no there is no such functionality. You could however sample the colour and say 'when the colour is higher than RGB 0/0/0, then do XYZ'. I think this approach could work.

Best Regards

Hey dan3dwards,

when I recall that correctly:
You HAVE to have a hard edge when you got a UV split, but you CAN have a UV split when you got an hard edge.

Best Regards

Hey Wakatine,

I'm not sure what the Microsoft Game Rules are, but the Terms of Use by Allegorithmic say you can use the Indie Software when not making more than 100.000 US-Dollars per year with your game.

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Hey baran_name_1993,

in Substance Painter you can't use double sided materials right now, sorry. You'd need to paint the Sails and Flags on the 'correct' side and it would look the same on the other, too.

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Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: Workflow for UE4
 on: July 06, 2016, 07:23:24 am 
Hey guys,

because you could run into issues when using texture atlasses, I'd go with the more Material-based approach.
That means you create the Materials in the Engine without any UVs in mind and create tileable UVs in your 3D app. Two big advantages:
- Faster UV creation
- Higher texel density and texture quality

But you also need a bit more computation power in the Engine, because you split the materials into multiple single ones, of course.

Best Regards

Hey rfranks,

you can't edit the Graph of SBSAR files, just the exposed parameterers by the creator.

Best Regards

Hey alec.fredericks,

I got no idea why that happens, sorry about that. I'll look forward to get technical support on this one, though. :)

However, the object and the UVs seem to be very simple, why do you want to use the Tri planar node on this?

Best Regards

Hey johnnynapalmsc,

are you talking about an issue in Substance Designer or Substance Painter?
And can you please describe the issue as good as you can?

Best Regards

Hey marvinjfisher,

this issue is most likely caused, because you use the CPU Engine, not the GPU Engine. You can Change that at Tools -> Switch Engine or by Pressing F9.
You can see which Engine is used at the bottom right corner in Substance Designer.

Best Regards

Hey Sagem,

you can not set a Padding Distance value, just turn it off or on during export. There should be a Checkbox next to the texture, as well as a field to input the resolution.

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Hey picture56,

could it be that your Windows Font Size settings are set to 150% or above? Do you experience such issues with other software, too?

Best Regards


first I want to say that your name is awesome :P
I think sooner or later we can expect an Linux UE4 Plugin, but I fear it's not a top priority right now.

Best Regards

Hey sbenitezb,

it really depends on the meshes. When you want to achieve comlicated blendings and effect, you'd propably better use Substance Painter.
Substance Designer is perfect for creating textures, not applying them to the Object. You could, however, use both in conjunction.

Use Substance Designer to create Substance files (SBSAR) which are highly customisable. Those materials can then be imported to Substance Painter with all their parameters.

Best Regards

Hey watcheroftimes,

I'm pretty sure the Indie restrictions were dropped a few version ago.

Best Regards

Hey dimeolas,

it doesn't matter in what order you install the software. You don't even need to install one you don't want to use.
The payment should be automatic.

Best Regards

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