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You also can use the Multi-Material-Approach.

Simply give the parts of your model different materials (M_wings, M_feet, and so on).
Now you UV layout the model as being said by Wes. Before you export your model to substance painter, just combine all these different parts to just one mesh. (without merging the vertices)

 In the Substance Painter you will now have one big mesh but different Layer stacks for every part you defined earlier.
Big advantage of this: you dont have to deal with layer masks or ID maps for this simple task and you can easily paint the parts of the model you normally wouldn't see - right at the beginning without doing anything in Substance Painter.
You also have different layer stacks, what is pretty useful for decluttering the scene.

Hey Guys,

I am doing some stuff in Bitmap2Material 2 (Newest Version) right now and getting some Graphics Bugs sometimes.
That means: The 2D and the 3D View are displaying wrong outputs. Even the Exports are messed up. The textures are scattered or showing just blank space.

The Big Problem: After spending some time adjusting my Texture this bug happens and I can wipe everything and start from new. I can't even get a whole PBR Material set up because of this, because there is no way to safe a project with its setting and options chosen (or is it?).

My Hardware setup: Macbook Pro with OS X 10.10.1
Software used: B2M 2 (License) & B2M 3 (Trial)

It would be great to have a few answers about this and if this is a known issue.
Thank you...

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