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I have only one thing to say. Prepare this to be the best period Substane Painter will ever have on steam, because after that no one will ever touch it.

Allegorithmic, if you waited a couple more years, you would be the ones buying Adobe instead. It was nice watching substance growing in popularity all these years, now I only expect watching it decline in popularity with each year to come.



I hope Adobe will listen to Allegorithmic how 3D shoud be done and we will never again see a promo video like the most recen one
Indeed, that video trailer was probably the money maker for them. Another interesting thing is that audio was made by their ceo? if I remember correctly. It can be found on Soundcloud . Latest video was like "meh", having Adobe logo on it makes it even worse. When it says "Game on" I read it as "Game over"

When Substance finally gets UDIMs, Adobe will say "hold on with that update, let's save it for CC subscribers only".

I've been thinking about getting a perpetual licence, but now I've changed my mind completely.

The major problem is we see posts like this in response to "What will happen to perpetual licenses?".

Now, unless the word 'perpetual' means something different, you cannot just revoke those licences. My assumption is that when Substance is fully part of the Creative Cloud, Adobe will most likely give a subscription credit amount for those with "legacy" perpetual licenses, then move them over into the subscription model.


1. never ending or changing.
2. occurring repeatedly; so frequent as to seem endless and uninterrupted.


I would suggest not defining these licenses as perpetual as it's extremely misleading. Adobe really needs to come forward and let everyone here know what we're looking at in terms of pricing for the future. Investing our time and energy into keeping Substance as part of our workflows is pointless unless we know it's something that will be sustainable for the long haul. Games are not developed overnight, and changing the pipeline during development costs a lot of time and money in new licenses and training.

If going forward perpetual licences will not be offered, but prior ones honored, then that's a different story and should be clarified.

While you are right in that they can't revoke them, but if the software relies on a licensing server, and if that server is "cost burden" to the company then they can shut it down. That isn't revoking your license, its still your license, just the infrastructure that supported it is now gone.

They've done this before, many times. As have many other software providers. I expect no difference now.

The only way they can assure people is by decoupling the need for a licensing server to install or check for a valid license. (Aka, like how the old Modo licenses worked ... you have your own license file and thats all you need).
Companies (especially within the Music industry) are scared to death with the local approach, this is why most VST plugins are relying on iLok, and it's a living hell to deal with, and the way it works is that once you activate your key you are no longer eligible for a refund.

Maybe it's a good idea to create a crawler, download everything from Substance Share and open up a mirror site using a peer to peer protocol like IPFS? Before Adobe shuts it down completely, which it will eventually.

I know what the issue is, and I can easily point out the bug that causes the service to misbehave - "Adobe".

Substance Share still doesn't work. This says something already.

what do you mean? works fine here
Try to log in. Remember that you can't download anything without logging in.

Substance Share still doesn't work. This says something already.

A future advice for Allegorithmic : don't touch what ain't broken.

Expected. Before long this forum will stop working.

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: no access to subtanceshare
 on: January 24, 2019, 05:04:06 pm 
And so it begins

Sounds like a bait and switch strategy to me. I haven't participated in the subscription rent-to-own model, but I did recommend it to people. People maybe entered the subscription because it goes towards a full license, then you silently introduce a fee. Just a matter of time before perpetual option gets silently removed, and users instead of being notified through the app itself, will get notified through email that somehow will end up in the spam folder. They will continue paying monthly without realizing it won't go towards a full license anymore.

If you guys truly believe you and Adobe are the right fit - go ahead and try to convince Adobe to implement rent-to-own business model that worked so great for you so far for their line of products. Maybe then I will still have some hope for this product and Adobe in general. Otherwise they will just consume you with their own business model, which is "rent and never get to own".

Blizzard merged with Activision because they wanted to focus on making great games while letting the publisher take care of all the financial decisions. Look how that turned out. Diablo:Immortals wasn't even made in-house, it was outsourced. Most of the core team left the company long ago, constant budget cuts even made the entire e-sport scene disappear.

And I praised Allegorithmic for providing a "rent-to-own" option, perpetual licenses and all that... It stops now. Adobe will destroy all of that reputation and trust you've built over the years, it will become a subscription with other Adobe garbage people don't want or need.

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