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Often I have set up Materials in Substance Painter as a mix of metals and non metals - eg metal buckle with darker dirt and set up an Output Template in Substance flowing Wes here:

Im also using VRay within Modo. On substance, I get a really nice metal object with darker patches, but in my VRay it seems I have to choose either everything metal or non metal.

How do get the object to appear the same in both?

Thank you!

I just tried with this texture from Substance Source:

No alpha channel came through with export.

When you say "Alpha Blend Shader" - do you mean this:

This shader by the comments has been developed by a third party student and currently is not working properly.

Is this really the only way to get alpha info from Substance?


With some textures on Substance Source, there is an alpha component - eg Plastic Perforated Swirl -

But in Substance Painter, the holes are not cut out from the base mesh.

How can I get these types of textures to display and export correctly from Substance Painter? Where do I get the missing alpha from?

Many thanks!


I've got a terrain model that Im texturing in SP, and I want to get more snow the lower down in height. Adding a mask by height and using if this layer is great than a constant does not get me this effect, but starts to create patches in seemingly random areas - not the peaks or troughs as I would expect.

Am I misinterpreting this mask? Also, is there a way I can isolate snow on the lower areas of the model?

Thank you!

Substance Alchemist - Feature Requests - Useful Features?
 on: January 14, 2020, 01:49:15 pm 

I can see the raw power of Alchemist! I 've been experimenting with creating materials from images - some nice to have (for me at least) are:


+ ability to specify default directory for project files to be saved, rather than have to export after.
+ save layer stack for materials so you can return to edit and tweak
+ confusing that menu item  'save material as' is greyed out when you return to saved material under project


+ I started with a non-square image, and Alchemist made it square distorting it. I sorted this in the UV tiling settings, but on export it's given me a square again, with distorted details. 

Export Size

+ I started with a 6k image, but largest export settings was 4096


+ I wanted to invert the roughness map, but could not do this in the layer stack.

Hope this helps!
Thank you


I'm new to Substance and am loving how flexible and easy it is! Thank you very much for creating it!

Some suggestions that I hope you find helpful:

1) 255 values for colour picker - I've found just on the first project, I'm often having to use the calculator to convert values to 0-1 - would be great to be able to enter 255 values in directly. Esp when keying in metals albedo values.

2) Importing multiple items to shelf - eg alphas I had 50 and had to tick 'alpha' for each one - woudl be great to have a 'apply to all' button like on Baking

3) A 'delete' option to a shelf item would be very useful too.

Thank you!

I'm just experimenting with this too - I'm no expert on this, but using VRay in Modo, I've found I have to untick 'Lock Fresnel IOR' but leave Fresnel selection, and then the IOR map that I've exported from Substance can work correctly.

I think Ive also some black maps - for me I had a sleeve, but the inner and outer parts were on the same UV island. Splitting them solved this. I also had some geo with missing UV's which ended up black in Substance.

Hope this helps too!


Please could I just check that this is correct for using textures from Substance Painter to VRay in Modo?

+ assign all images correctly (eg Reflection -> Reflection Colour) etc
+ set all images (none) or Linear under 'Image Still' tab
+ set Height to min - 50% and Max +50%
+ use a standard VRay Material and just untick 'Unlock fresnel IOR'

Is there anything else? Using the same HDRI in Substance and Modo/VRay I cannot exactly replicate the screenshots in Substance.

Many thanks!

I would really like this too - I could not find my imported project files under Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\shelf

Thanks for the quick reply Froyok.

I've found the issue. On the problems parts, there were some missing parts of the UV's. Also I'd unwrapped some parts flat that has an inside and an outside, so SD didn't like where the 'inside' part was.

All good now though!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - Strange Lines Of Some Mesh Parts
 on: November 22, 2019, 04:50:50 pm 

I'm a relative newbie to Painter. I've started a new project, imported a low poly mesh. It displays correctly before I bake.

Under the bake settings, the only things I've altered are:


+ Colour source as material colour


+ specified a high poly mesh My low poly mesh has all layers named NAME_low, and the high poly is the exact same file, but with all mesh items named NAME_high)

+ I also set Match as 'By Mesh Name'

Everything bakes correctly, without errors, but after baking two of the meshes appear with weird stripes on them.

Any help greatly appreciated!
Thank you

No problem! Good to hear that this is being addressed. I've just started using Substance Painter and your software has blown me away! I can definitely put up with having to resize from the menu. Thank you!


I can't seem to change the brush size using CTRL+RMB click and dragging left/right.The brush icon stops but does not change. I can change the size using the menu bar slider.

I'm using a Mac running OSX 10.14.6.

SHIFT+RMB does rotate the environment HDRI, so I know RMB is working.

It would be great to be able to use this shortcut. Any help appreciated!

Thank you

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