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hi Jeremie Noguer,

thanks a lot  :)


i loaded my sbsar into ue4.6 and was shocked:
no working lighting at all  :-\

so the people the ue-forum told me, that i have to build an lightmap for every static mesh.

that was the second shock (because there are lots of meshes).

now, here are my questions:
1)is this the right workflow for maya-build-meshes:
- take the mesh in the maya uv-editor and create an extra lightmap-channel for the mesh
- export the mesh as an fbx
- import the mesh into ue 4.6
- apply the substance to the static mesh

2) how can i apply an lightmap to my substance (made in substance designer as an pbr/metallic rougness). Or comes the lightmap directly with the fbx-file into ue4.6?

thank you very much for an answer!


hi wes,

that sounds great :)

have a nice christmas
and a fantastic 2015!



i´ve heard, that in UE a substance can be used, to create several copies of it, which are all adjustable in their look differently...

is this true?

and if the answer is "YES" (i hope so ;) ),
what is the way to create such copies?

thanks a lot for an answer
a great christmas for everyone!

hi Gaetan Lassagne,

thank you very much for your answer!!

i will correct my workflow.



i got an house mesh, which i would like to texture with an substance in ue4.

but i got an problem, to find the right settings in substance designer 4.5.2. to see all my tex-parts
in the 3d-viewport correctly:

here is my workflow

- i made an diffuse map and an specularity map (both in 4k).
- i made an new substance based on the physically based (specular/glossiness)-template
- i connected my slots with my textures
- i went to the 3d-viewport, chosed the cube and materials/default/shader/physically based
- i right-clicked in the graph and chosed "view outputs in 3d"
- the texture appears in the 3d-viewport...

but unfortunately the specularity int the windows of the house (which i made in my spec-tex)
is not shown at all....

where is my fault?

thank you very much for an answer!


hi markv,

thanks a lot!



i try to use substances in ue4 and i got a question:

when i drop my substance on an static mesh, i want to change the uv - tiling of the substance in ue4 (like i can do it with ue-materials).

and here is my question:
where can i change this uv - tiling with the substance in ue4
(i looked around in the "substance graph instance" and in the "material"/... but i cant find such an "Material Expression Texture Coordinate"/uv-tiling - option) ?

thanks a lot for an answer
and an nice weekend for everyone!


hi dcxcii,

thanks for your fast reply!!

am i right, when i unzip the plugin into my created project Folder,
and the plugin does the rest in this structure?
so the plugin is not implemented "directly" in the unreal engine program-Folder in C:?
must i place the plugin in every Project-Folder i will create in the future
or is this way only used by the beta-Version?


hi, here is an noobish question about installation  :)

here is the Installation - guide for the ue4-plugin:
1. Download the Substance plugin
 2. Unzip the plugin to the UE4 project directory, it will copy the right files at the right place.
 3. Run UE4 and point to the project, and you should be good to go :)

1. i really understand this..

2. where is the "UE4 project Directory" located?
i only can find the unreal-Folders "engine", "samples" and "templates".
in my older days, it would be good, to install the plugin into the plugin-folder..?   ;)

thank you very much for an answer!

a nice Weekend to all!


hi wprivate,

thank you very much for your tipp
(i should have get the idea by myself....) ;)

i found the samples, and everything is fine  :)

i wish you an good time with sd!

greetz from


i´m real new to this program and i would like to install the samples, to see in what way they are created.

and here is my problem:
when i see the "welcome to substance designer" screen, i choosed "learn" and "samples". and yes "i wanted to install samples".
than i opened "my documents " folder, there is existing an "substance"-folder, which contains "filters" and an "b2m-trial"- folder.

but there is no sample - folder...

what i´m doing wrong? where is the right destination to my sample-folder?

thanks for an answer  :)


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