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- i create my textures in 2k
- i bring the textures into substance designer and set the field on "realtive to parent"
- then i build the substance
- i import the substance into ue4.16
- i  bring the substance onto my mesh

- i correct the substance - size from 2048 into 64
- i save the new setting.

------- but nothing is happening in ue4.. it´s always the 2048 size shown...
what is my thinking error?

 and another question:
is it important for the ue4.16 - performance, in which size i create an substance (4k or 2k, relative)?

thanks for an answer :-)


i don´t know, how to pick color from color-id-map.

my workflow:
- i import mesh
- bake textures (with high poly)
- import color-id-map
- add a new layer
- add a black mask....

but where or how can i select an color from the color-id-map and bring it into my layer/mask?
thanks for an answer :-)



i got a huge problem with normals in substance painter2.

here is my "normal-workflow":

- i build an low-poly-mesh in maya 2010-64 bit

- i make 2 copies:
one for the low-poly-base (and triangulate it)
and the other as an high-poly-mesh (i smooth the mesh several times and triangulate it).
.... erverything is shown smooth and nice at the high-poly-mesh in maya

- i go to xnormal
- i load the high-poly and the low poly-mesh
- i adjust the settings (mesh-scale 1.00000 and select "average normals")
- i build an cage with the "ray distance calculator"
- i bake an normal map

- after this i go to substance painter2 and load the low-poly-mesh and the normal map...

but every smoothnes is gone.... and it looks nearly like the low-poly-mesh without any smoothnes.

can anyone give me an advice, where my error (s) sits
(ok..ok...  in front of my screen.. i know ;-)

thanks a lot !!!



what will be the highest substance resolution which can be used in lumberyard (NoBeta)?

thanks for an answer :-)



i´m just a noob in painter2 (coming from photoshop)...
so here is my question:

i got several folders (10) which all contain an
- fill layer
- mask
- assigned material.

i can´t bring my folders in the same "optical hierarchy" as they look like, when i deactivate the other folders ...
they all seem to  "affect" each other.

i tried "multiply"... but this doesn´t work....

what can i do, to bring my folders together, with all their unique looks (like they show,
when i deactivate the others).

where is my mistake??

thanks for an answer!



i import an substance into ue4.6.
after this, i want to apply this substance with different uv-tiling values to several actors.

how can i duplicate my substance, to use it for several actors?

thanks a lot for an answer
 a happy 2015 for everyone :)



i loaded my sbsar into ue4.6 and was shocked:
no working lighting at all  :-\

so the people the ue-forum told me, that i have to build an lightmap for every static mesh.

that was the second shock (because there are lots of meshes).

now, here are my questions:
1)is this the right workflow for maya-build-meshes:
- take the mesh in the maya uv-editor and create an extra lightmap-channel for the mesh
- export the mesh as an fbx
- import the mesh into ue 4.6
- apply the substance to the static mesh

2) how can i apply an lightmap to my substance (made in substance designer as an pbr/metallic rougness). Or comes the lightmap directly with the fbx-file into ue4.6?

thank you very much for an answer!



i´ve heard, that in UE a substance can be used, to create several copies of it, which are all adjustable in their look differently...

is this true?

and if the answer is "YES" (i hope so ;) ),
what is the way to create such copies?

thanks a lot for an answer
a great christmas for everyone!


i got an house mesh, which i would like to texture with an substance in ue4.

but i got an problem, to find the right settings in substance designer 4.5.2. to see all my tex-parts
in the 3d-viewport correctly:

here is my workflow

- i made an diffuse map and an specularity map (both in 4k).
- i made an new substance based on the physically based (specular/glossiness)-template
- i connected my slots with my textures
- i went to the 3d-viewport, chosed the cube and materials/default/shader/physically based
- i right-clicked in the graph and chosed "view outputs in 3d"
- the texture appears in the 3d-viewport...

but unfortunately the specularity int the windows of the house (which i made in my spec-tex)
is not shown at all....

where is my fault?

thank you very much for an answer!



i try to use substances in ue4 and i got a question:

when i drop my substance on an static mesh, i want to change the uv - tiling of the substance in ue4 (like i can do it with ue-materials).

and here is my question:
where can i change this uv - tiling with the substance in ue4
(i looked around in the "substance graph instance" and in the "material"/... but i cant find such an "Material Expression Texture Coordinate"/uv-tiling - option) ?

thanks a lot for an answer
and an nice weekend for everyone!



i´m real new to this program and i would like to install the samples, to see in what way they are created.

and here is my problem:
when i see the "welcome to substance designer" screen, i choosed "learn" and "samples". and yes "i wanted to install samples".
than i opened "my documents " folder, there is existing an "substance"-folder, which contains "filters" and an "b2m-trial"- folder.

but there is no sample - folder...

what i´m doing wrong? where is the right destination to my sample-folder?

thanks for an answer  :)


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