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These are the testmeshes, they are at the exact same position when exported. Just moved them here to show both meshes.

I just tried the match by mesh name option with a simple setup of high and low meshes in both painter and designer. It works flawlessly in designer but painter just gives me a black map. Since I'm using the exact same settings for both, I'm assuming it's a bug in painter.

I have a displacement map hooked up to a newly created height output and I'm using the physically_metallic_roughness iRay material with height scale set to 1.

Whenever I make changes to the map, say via a levels node, I don't see any changes on the model in the 3d view. It only shows when I manually right click and select view outputs in 3d again and set the height scale back to 1.

I'm using 5.5.1.

Is anything special necessary to enable 8k export? It only shows 4k max for me in the export document window.

Oh I didn't notice that option, thanks!

I wonder why the standard UV scale for fill layers is 3 and not 1?

It's an odd choice since 99% of the time you wanna start at 1.

I find myself adjusting this by hand every time i create a fill layer, which is quite tedious.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: Texture Shelf
 on: April 27, 2016, 10:35:12 pm 
A simple extra shelf only for additional maps would do the trick.

It would be nice if Painter would overwrite the common AA settings for the ID map then or least let the user know about this pitfall.

I have two questions regarding output naming:

1. How can I set the output pattern to automatically begin with the name of the main input file? At the moment each file is always named Bitmap2Material3, I therefore have to rename it by hand for every file, which is extremely tedious!

2. How can I change the output usage name of the different channels? Like turn "baseColor" into "D", so that it conforms to my workflow.

The ability to set a different export path for each material instead of just a global one would be nice!

I hope the next version fixes the reset of the selected channels you wanna export, having to re-select them anew with each export is really laborious.

Edit: Nevermind. It's already been fixed in the latest build 1.0.2, thanks Allegorithmic!

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - Shader association
 on: October 17, 2014, 03:01:08 am 
When I link to a mesh, all the materials get the relief shader assigned automatically, yet I always work with physically_based. So it would be nice if Designer could remember my selection and assign the appropriate shader for all the materials in the future accordingly.

Currently it's hard to select id material colors with the picker from the texture preview in the shelf (even if it's set to large it's quite small), so it would be nice if when you hover over the preview with the picker, it would do the same (get bigger) as if you hover over it with the mouse cursor.

I also hope we can export the texture sets combined sooner rather than later, right now it's just a huge workflow bottleneck.

The stencil tiling makes it hard to just paint through one mask without unintentionally painting across multiple ones, so an option to turn it off would be nice.

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