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SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - You dev guys need to chill'ax
 on: October 07, 2017, 09:17:14 pm 
Your programs are too strong. You guys are on fire, take a break or something, geeze.

My computer has 12GB of ram. I was able to fully texture a high poly object at 2k resolution while having PAINTER, DESIGNER, UNREAL, and even some google tabs all running in the background. That's actually really impressive.

I've had one instance before where photoshop would kill all my memory by itself. A program that's been in development since before my time.

tldr: your programs are hella optimzed.

That's quite alright; priorities in the pipeline is a perfectly legitimate reason. I'm honestly just glad to get an update on the feature, thanks.

Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: Height maps in UE4.
 on: June 12, 2017, 09:13:15 pm 
Can you post a picture of your material network with preferably a clear shot of the height map and the 3D preview? It could be a problem how your height map looks, or it could be that the material setup is incorrect.

Also, I'm not sure what you're using the height map for. I'm assuming you're using it in a material, but it also could be used, for example, to build the landscape.

Support for mobile has been in the pipeline for ~3-4 years now, but I haven't seen an update to the topic for about a year. Is progress actually being made, is it being delayed, or is it because of mobile hardware limitations? If it's hardware limitations, then please consider publishing a simpler plugin so artists can still at least adjust material parameters inside the editor.

If you're trying to replicate what Substance Designer height maps do in UE4 (that use parallax occlusion, not tessellation), then I recommend googling bump offset and/or parallax occlusion tutorials.
UE4's bump offset is really easy to set up, so I recommend starting with that. If later you decide you want to play around with more advanced options like self shadowing and advanced geometry clipping, then look up tutorials for UE4's parallax occlusion.

Bump Offset:

Parallax Occlusion:

Hey, just wanted to let you know this worked. Although I couldn't put it in drive C: because the computer shipped with only enough space for just the base essentials and a massive drive E: for everything else.

Also, I really appreciate the time you put into solving this for me. Thanks a bunch, love you guys  ;D

edit: I tried sending a crash report... but ironically the crash report had troubles sending; I gave up after the report was trying to send for 2+ minutes.

I'm sorry, I totally should have given this information as well. After trying to open a substance, I get an error "font data XML compatibility" for ~5 seconds until SD automatically closes

Hey, thanks for the response  ;)

  • did yo try with SD 6.0.2 update to see if you still have this issue?
When I reinstalled the program, it was updated to 6.0.2 automatically from the installer. I still have the issue.

  • are your GPU drivers up to date?
My GPU drivers were updated a couple months ago, but it's worth a shot to reupdate them. Although I think it could be license related because this happened immediately after activating the product.


I have a seemingly difficult problem.

After activating Substance Designer 6.0.0 via file, it has crashed every time after trying to either:
1) open an existing substance
2) create a new substance

Since then, I've uninstalled and reinstalled to 6.0.2 and it still crashes.
I've also already contacted Allegorthmic support and they redirected me here, so these forums are pretty much my last hope. I'm a student in the industry learning 3D art full time and Substance Designer is fairly core to my current workflow. So desperation cry aside... um... help? (my log file is provided)

So to be 100% clear on the following for commercial use:

If I were to use Substance Share assets and modify them in any sort of way, even as little as manipulating a few values in a material, then I must give credit and should probably indicate that I modified the asset?

Giving credit is totally realistic and understandable, but having to write that the work has been modified to suit the production seems seriously unnecessary.

Okay well I found out how to do it. In Maya, I just have to reselect the main UV set's in the UV editor and export it out. It's a pain though when you have over 50 objects. Though I suppose there's no actual solution to it inside Substance Painter.

Hiya, Allegorthmic community!

When I open my mesh in Substance Painter 2, it doesn't seem to recognize that I have 2 different texture sets. I use the first texture set as my main UV layout that is used for all maps except lighting, then the second set is to give absolutely every UV shell its own space so that lighting can be correct for Unreal Engine. However, Substance Painter is giving me a nasty crick in the neck because it is texturing on top of the 'lightMap' uv set. I know this has probably been discussed before, but I can't find the solution via google, so apologizes in advance.

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