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Just realised a problem with edge detect with a material I made a while ago. The Edge Detect Node breaks the tiling and the material isn't seamless anymore.

The first image I uploaded is the blend before Edge Detect, it's seamless.

Second pic is the Edge Detect and it breaks the tiling.

Is this a normal behaviour or can I do something about this?

Many regards!

I'm using 2021.1.2 (11.1.2)

Nervermind, I found a workaround but this seems to be a bug nonetheless. My tiling mode was set to relative to parent and "H and V Tiling" was greyed out, but setting it to absolute withouth changing the mode helped. When changing it back to relative to parent the bug is still fixed.


I have a problem when exporting textures from Designer. I already had problems with another graph when trying to export 8k resolution (the textures were not useable), but this was only some test, so I didn't bother too much.

Now I made a Material that I need in high resolution, and even if the problem isn't as big as with the one before, I still lose some important detail.

Here it is how it should look like (exported 1k and 2k textures look also like they should):

Setting the parent size to 8k, or double clicking on the graph and setting the output size to parent * 2 or just exporting in 8k the cracks get lost on all maps:

What should I do?

Edit: It's either the Flood Fill Node or Flood Fill to Random Color which makes the "bug".
Edit2: I fixed it by setting the Output Size to absolute.
Edit3: Fix worked for 4k, doesn't work for 8k...

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