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 Indie License of SP, just reupped my sub. I got the email rcpt but the renewed license isnt showing in my acct nor can I update my SP. Didnt know how soon that would show up. Thought it was iimediate but wanted to ask. The license ends in 44.

   Have a Perpetual License. Im confused but this isnt my question. My points total goes back and forth between 0 (now) and twenty someodd points. I would like to get some of the newer materials.Im aware they may not work on my older version anyway.
But, is there a way to just purchase points or must we start paying a monthly again? Not a poweruser but curious if anything I use has changed so just may do it.

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: Indie License
 on: October 12, 2020, 06:52:40 pm 
 Cool, thx Jeremie.

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Indie License
 on: October 12, 2020, 07:32:37 am 
  I opted to pay the $44 to buy into a perpetual license. I also need to cancel maintenance on it. Did that happen when I bought the perpetual? I dont see an option to cancel the monthly anymore.

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Indie License
 on: October 01, 2020, 01:30:39 am 
   Forgive me for beating a dead horse...I have the Indie license and have a choice to either buy a permanent license or go the new monthly. The new monthly is just like Photoshop. Not storing up any equity to purchase but can always have latests version. And I keep all my current points that I can spend at any time.
Or buy a license which means I cant upgrade my current version but have it to use forever?
Do I understand correctly?
Ok got answers so thank you.
Take care

 In Substance when I add the material to the model what should be inset is now sticking out, ex cracks come out instaed of in. I cannot find any settings for this. Im just learning still so this is basically a wall. flat plane with two holes for windows.
Any ideas? Im sure is very simple and im just missing it.

Cool, will have a go tonight, thanks again.

Edit: I rather plan on using Megascans and Substance textures. I dont get alot of time for this so dont want to try and learn too much, long way to go with Unreal and some Substance.

Can I use the texture ive made in Substance that has the alpha detail like carving and then add vertexpainting to that? Or do I need to use the texture from Substance as one of the vertex painting materials?
And thank you

   Say I am creating a courtyard with a wall of several segments. It will have the same basic texture and some carving and maybe some broken plaster or dirt. Trying to figure out how to best do this so all the pieces look like they go together. Ideally to me if I took each piece and textured and added the carvings in Substance then took it into unreal and could use vertex painting to add moss, plaster, or dirt such that each piece was different and I could flow the detail from one piece to the next.
   But I dont know if this is possible. Or if there is a better way? I dont see how I could import a section of wall and apply the basic texture with carving then use the vertex paint texture. I could add the base texture to the selection of vertex paint textures but what of the carvings detail?
Thx for any ideas.

Woot! Thanks, its under technical parameters and the menu is different. I can apply a smart mat to the mesh, choose an alpha and a material for it and you've shown me where the option is for height. Really appreciate you going out of your way, thank you.

Actually, its when I try and use a material for the alpha to fill the indentation, the height dissapears. Just guessing its using the height of the material. I can click the Height parameters on again but the option slider doesnt reappear. Its fine if I stamp the alpha in white or assign a basic color but using a material the 'height' box is greayed out/deslected and I can click on it and turn it on but no options show up.
Will need to find a hosting site and will load one up

Thank you, thats very kind. I was trying last night and after a fashion yes but...theres some issues. Going thru your video and I downloaded it for reference. Just going to start at the beginning I think. Will never use the deeper parts of Substance but apparently I remember nothing. I dread opening up Zbrush.
Ok I can get it to work as long as I dont assign a color to the alpha to stamp it, when I do even tho Height is on there is no option to slide it up or down. Guess I could paint those in but very time consuming. Will start tutorials again tonight.
Thanks again

Thank you but there is none. If I add a layer and a mask the alpha puts nothing on the mesh, anyway i do it there is just no height adjustment for the brush. I had wanted to model some architecture to bring into Unreal. But it has to be carved and weathered etc. I think what i would need to do is start from the beggining with Substance because there is definitely some things wrong. I just dont have time to do both Substance tutorials and Unreal so I guess I will have to make a choice. What I hate is not being able to laser-find what I need. I will earn many cool things but may never find what I need to know. I remember and its been maybe two years....making a wooden post and having a Celtic tree carved into and textured and looked really cool, anyway
Thanks again. but please dont waste your time.

 Thanks, will try that tonight. Have detailed in Zbrush before also. In fact I like using the brushes on stone and wood, but thought some simple things would be nice to just use Substance. My biggest problem is just lack of time and continuity. Life is largely outside my decision these days. I realised I need to relearn software and create a folder as I go of step by step direction on hos to do things. I wont ever be able to do this seriously but I love creating environments.
Thanks again.

edit-ok so nothing works, I can get the alpha on the mesh and with a material but there is no option to adjust height/depth. Thanks very much but I think this isa good headsup for me. When ya cant even get a basic thing to work then you have to consider if you're smart enough to use the software.

Thanks, i'm not remembering correctly then, will do some more searching tonight and see what I can find. Been looking since last night but my time is usually sparse until late evening.

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